Used Suzuki Jimny For Sale in Tanzania

  1. JIMNY 2019 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 23,155

  2. JIMNY 2001 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 7,436

  3. JIMNY 2013 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 8,174

  4. JIMNY 1993 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 7,349

  5. JIMNY 2013 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 10,747

  6. JIMNY 1997 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,242

  7. JIMNY 2008 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,436

  8. JIMNY 2009 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 8,533

  9. JIMNY 2017 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 14,533

  10. JIMNY 1996 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,242

In Used Suzuki Jimny For Sale in Tanzania, Solidity And Rationality Are Core Attributes

Used Suzuki Jimny for sale in Tanzania is an instant classic type, with its regular shapes and round headlights; it looks like a toy car. In addition, it is super compact, therefore easily manageable not only in the woods but also in traffic and when it comes to parking. Excellent visibility thanks to the large amount of glass.


Valid Reason

It can be stated, the solidity and rationality of the passenger compartment and the safety that it manages to instill, given that with its trellis frame, the all-wheel drive that can be inserted with reduced, the rigid bridge suspension and the LSD system that brakes automatically wheels that lose traction. Another valid reason why the Jimny is nice is the used price.


The beauty is that everything is already standard, you do not have to and can not add anything else apart from the two-tone tint, and this means that, for example, navigator, CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic climate, full LED headlights and driving aids are already included in the price. The dashboard of the Suzuki Jimny is horizontal lines, with the overhanging display of the system, the large drawer under the grab handle for the front passenger and the climate knobs aligned in the center console.


The graphics of the two instruments are a little dated, but clearly legible. Complete the information; shame about the light instead of the water temperature indicator. The “climate” buttons and the two side knobs are practical. Small, but clear, the display in the center, showing the temperature, speed and air flows.


Retro Accent

The shapes are the square ones that characterize the body, with some concession to softer lines in the round air vents and in the dashboard, which encloses two classic circular dials: it has a slightly dated, but very clear graphics. The finishes are not bad and the assembly is quite precise; and even if plastics are rigid, they do not look shabby and are suitable for the type of car.


However, the unbraked opening of the drawer, which falls onto the legs, can be improved. The car has small dimensions that allow it to move easily in city traffic, but also to tackle the narrowest mountain mule tracks. As per tradition, the Jimny is suitable for the most demanding off-road: with the 4x4 traction, the reduced and the considerable ground clearance it can go anywhere. The look is captivating and very personal, with a strong retro accent that convinces. Now there are various driving assistance systems as standard, as well as LED headlights, which were not foreseen before.


Used Cars for Sale in Tanzania

As a used Suzuki Jimny price in Tanzania payer, you should attentive, “It is a bitter fact that smuggling is a global crime and is being done globally. Therefore, to avoid blame, hassle and consequences of smuggling, it is necessary to follow all necessary rules before, during or even after the Importing process. Just for the sake of information, Tanzanians get services from Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) about used vehicle during the import process; hence, please update yourself about that factor, too.


Besides, as a part of the process, an importer should submit the required docs to get clearance such as, "Export certificate, Commercial Invoice and Bill of Lading including JAAI Inspection Certificate for having clearance. In the areas of duties and taxations there are different slots for different vehicle types i.e. for the 2000cc vehicle The Import duty charges 25% and VAT (value added tax) 20%.; while for those vehicles that have higher than the 2000cc; the duty is 25% and excise charges 10%. However, for buses, lorries, pickups and passenger vans the rate us lower that is 15% as duty and 20% as the VAT.” Please note, above aspects is a precise overview; for details, a used car buyer supposed to consult used car exporter.

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