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Used Sedan Cars for Sale in Dr. Congo

  1. PASSAT 2012 Toyota PASSAT

    Price: USD 3,750

  2. SPADE 2013 Toyota SPADE

    Price: USD 4,460

  3. SPADE 2014 Toyota SPADE

    Price: USD 4,070

  4. CROWN 2013 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 13,150

  5. ACCENT 2018 Toyota ACCENT

    Price: USD 9,333

  6. CROWN 2008 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 6,690

  7. PASSAT 2015 Toyota PASSAT

    Price: USD 9,170

  8. ACCORD 2007 Toyota ACCORD

    Price: USD 9,400

  9. CROWN 2003 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 4,040

  10. 3 2009 Toyota 3

    Price: USD 4,500

The automobile industry Sedan cars are very popular in the world because of their extravagant features. Thus, different automobiles are working on manufacturing comfortable sedan cars.

Sedan dominates the automobile industry. The sedan cars are sold worldwide, including in Africa and its cities.

Let’s look at the list of used sedan cars for sale in Dr Congo.



Top 10 Used Sedan Cars for Sale in Dr. Congo


1.    Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X is one of the most demanded sedan cars. Therefore, Toyota corporations have equipped it with excellent features for all audiences who cannot afford a luxurious sedan.

It is an affordable vehicle that comes with two engines with a capacity of 2499 CC. The exterior of the car is classy without comprising the interior features.

In addition to that, it is equipped with an elegant dashboard, power steering, driver, and passenger airbags to protect people from injuries.



2.     Toyota Crown

Another amazing vehicle of Toyota has topped our list is Toyota Crown because of the premium features it is equipped with.

It comes with a hybrid engine with hard suspensions to add a sporty touch to the vehicle. The services focus on the comfort and security of the families going on long trips.

The power steering and braking system enable the driver to handle the vehicle easily. In addition, it is equipped with advanced technology to ensure the safety of the driver.



3.     Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent offers a 1.6 liter 120-hp four-cylinder engine making it fuel-efficient.

The manufacturers have given high priority to the comfort of the users. The seats are comfortable, giving enough legroom space to the people. Moreover, the vehicle can be driven smoothly on rough roads due to the advanced suspensions.

The automated emergency braking and collision warning protect the driver from untimely accidents.



4.     Hyundai Elantra

Another popular vehicle of Hyundai has topped our lists. Hyundai has manufactured a daring vehicle for the comfort of the passengers.

Hyundai Elantra has a hybrid model and comes with a 147-hp-four cylindrical engine. Thus, making it fuel-efficient. As a result, families can enjoy their long highway trips without worrying about the fuel cost.

The interior is highly comfortable as it offers comfortable leather seats. Moreover, it also provides a premium cabin so passengers can store their essentials.



5.     Mazda 3

The super cool features of the Mazda 3 makes this vehicle worthy of buying. Moreover, the manufacturers have equipped it with four-cylinder engines. Car lovers love this sedan as it comes with a six-speed manual as they stick to front-wheel drive.

The exterior looks desirable due to its heroic features. Mazda is carefully designed for families who love traveling. The spacious vehicle can have six-passenger bags as the seats at the back can easily be folded.

Thus, this is the reason it has made it to the list of top sedan cars in Dr Congo. 



6.     Honda Accord

Honda accord is the best sedan car due to its impeccable features. Consumers have the option to choose from the two supercharged powertrains. Moreover, the daily commutes become cost-effective with this cool sedan.

It offers 17 cubic feet of cargo space, beating all of the sedan cars ever manufactured. In addition to the super cool features, it offers a 10- speaker premium audio system and a 450-watt amplifier. 

Besides, the safety features also protect the passengers from catastrophes.



7.     Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat is a popular European car in Dr. Congo. It is the synonym of sheer class due to its sharp features.

The sporty attitude is because of the rear bumper and nineteen inches wheels. So, users can enjoy their luxurious rides.

Moreover, it comes with six engines and offers fair storage departments. Consumers can store their smartphones, cups, bags, etc., during their rides.  They can also store their luggage in the boot space.



8.     Toyota Spade

Toyota vehicles are loved by people all around the world, especially the citizens of Dr. Congo.

It is equipped with a 1.3-liter 1NR-FE engine which makes this car fuel-efficient. Keeping in mind the fuel efficiency standards given by the Japanese Ministry.

The rides of Toyota Spade are safe due to the advanced stability features of the car.  When the driver applies the brake suddenly, the car gets stable immediately. Moreover, the compact design helps in preventing road accidents.



9.     Toyota Aqua

Toyota Motor Corporation has established itself as one of the leading sedan car manufacturing companies.

The hybrid-electric was launched in 2011 equipped with the 1NZ-1LM 1.5 – liter engine mated to an electric motor.  Moreover, the fuel tank capacity of Aqua is approximately 36 liters.

Toyota Aqua is specially designed by keeping compactness in mind, so it does not take much parking space. But, on the other hand, the car can still accommodate five passengers easily.

It comes in three different grades, but every grade offers classy features.



10. Kia K5

Kia motors have specially crafted Kia K5 for the comfort of the passengers.

The sporty sedan is worthy of buying as it comes with a 180-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder. The interior consists of an incredible digital dashboard, lightning doors, sunroof, and comfortable leather seats.

In addition to that, it also offers plenty of space so passengers can carry their luggage without any hassle. KIA K5 also offers safety and security to the people.

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