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Used Nissan Wingroad For Sale In Kenya – Expert Design Station Wagon

  1. WINGROAD 2006 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,620

  2. WINGROAD 2006 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,290

  3. WINGROAD 2008 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,710

  4. WINGROAD 2006 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,600

  5. WINGROAD 2009 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 4,580

  6. WINGROAD 2010 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 1,980

  7. WINGROAD 2013 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 6,700

  8. WINGROAD 2003 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,850

  9. WINGROAD 2007 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,650

  10. WINGROAD 2014 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,750

Nissan Wingroad is a compact station wagon manufactured by Japanese Nissan. As per Nissan Wingroad reviews, it competes with the popular Toyota Fielder. In terms of style and look, it is similar to the Nissan Tida. This is a well-considered automobile that has been artistically built with precision to suit contemporary driving needs. It offers a versatile cabin that is well-equipped with level controls and various features.

It provides a pleasant driving experience due to comfy seats and sufficient legroom in the back seat. The boot area is enough for the storage of goods. It delivers an exceptional performance with little street noise and fuel consumption.

 Nissan made many efforts to create an odd hunt for a small wagon. The low-angled nose in front and the steeply angled rear give it a distinctive appearance and feel. Due to the tinted windows, it seems rather enclosed and dark, yet the plastic upholstery suggests the car is both strong and robust. This vehicle is supplied with a variety of engines that improve its on-road capabilities. In general, it is the finest family car.


The Nissan advertisement is classified as a station wagon and a maneuverable van manufactured by Nissan in collaboration with Nissan Shatai. The vehicle made its debut in 1982. When built as a passenger car, the same vehicle is referred to as the Nissan wingroad. It is used in Japan as a replacement for the Honda partner, a pick-up and delivery van.

In 1993, modest modifications were made, with the 1.3 L automatic gearbox being upgraded to a four-speed. The wingroad was available with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic gearbox. The wingroad JS model bore a strong similarity to Nissans bigger Avenir Blastar. Both cars were available in a two-tone color scheme. Additionally, both vehicles have a two-tone color scheme. Later on, Thailand released a Wingroad model, although it was clearly distinct from the one introduced in Japan. It was modeled on the Y10 pick-up truck.

Esteemed Performance

The beautiful and stylish Wingroad is distinguished from Nissans previous wagon range by three distinct and important characteristics. To begin, there is the practicality of the Wingroad, which includes handy features and excellent characteristics such as a washable baggage board and a basic bench seat next to the luggage area. Furthermore, all seats except the driver seat can be folded via remote control.

Second, the wingroad interior space, which is extremely adjustable according to the driver degree of comfort. The drivers and passenger seats move and recline fully, providing more room in the back seat than comparable vans.

Thirdly, the performance and economy of wingroad provide a pleasant driving experience even on off-road pathways.

Alluring Engine Specs

Nissan wingroad is designed with a robust suspension system that incorporates the characteristics of a high-end vehicle. The vehicle is available with two distinct engines: the MR18DE or the HR15DE.

To provide more torque in the low to medium momentum ranges, the all-aluminum MR18DE engine is paired with a CVT, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. On the flip side, the HR15DE engine delivers more torque at comparable low to medium speeds, improved fuel economy, and quieter operation than the previous Wingroad range. The following Nissan Wingroad specs make it superior to its earlier versions.

Look and Feel

Nissan offered wingroad in two distinct flavors:

  1. The Sporty Aero Series
  2. The More Conventional RX/RS.

The exterior of the Nissan wingroad is a defining element, with a seamless mix of elegant and athletic looks. The thin character line that runs down the center of the wingroad body has been sparked by the emergence of the meteor tail. The rear-end styling creates a vivid three-dimensional effect, while the wave-like line frame around the side windows lends a corporate appearance to the baggage and passenger area. The inside of the Nissan Wingroad likewise has an eye-catching concept of "low-profile and super-rounded." The comfortable driver seat has rear sliding seats that recline to ten different settings – reaching almost a 40-degree angle. Nissan Wingroads interior is defined by a metallic instrument panel, a contoured and airy cabin, and high-quality leather.

Elegant Chassis

The body was introduced as a 3/5 door van/wagon option on the first generation VB11 series. Its look was much more square-rigged and utilitarian. The rear suspension was engineered with commercial use in mind. The Nissan Wingroad was reshaped somewhat in the second generation Y10 to accommodate a five-door wagon and two-door pick-up. The Y11 series added to this by taking into account the preferences of various consumers. The Y12 series began in 2006 and is still available today as a five-door wagon.

The car is available in a variety of colors, including red, beige, blue, black, and silver, for a premium price. The most common hue is white, which is the least expensive stock. The unibody chassis was an added benefit, providing the greatest support for accident reduction. If a component is broken, the Nissan Wingroad would most likely continue to operate normally.

Fuel Consumption

Nissan Wingroad average fuel economy is about 26 miles per gallon. The vehicle has standard safety features such as twin SRS airbags and active head restraints in the front seats to protect the driver and passenger. Even automobiles are manufactured with a modest degree of integration of fuel usage. The whole Nissan Wingroad line is classified as super ultra-low emission vehicles (SU-LEVs), with the vehicle emitting 75% less pollution than required by Japan exhaust emission laws. Throughout the world, the Nissan wingroad fuel consumption and economy are among the best in class, enhancing the vehicle driving quality, performance, and overall efficiency.


  1. Flexible boot area
  2. Spacious back seat legroom
  3. Minimum road noise


  1. Small fuel tank
  2. Reliability issues in CTV 


  • What is the price of Nissan Wingroad?

The price of a used Nissan Wingroad begins at $15037 and increases in accordance with new models and novel features or specifications.

  • What are the engine varieties available in Nissan Wingroad?

The first generation included engines with displacements of 1270 cc, 1487 cc, and 1680 cc, all of which were available in inline4 configuration.

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