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Buy Secondhand Nissan Tiida In Jamaica At Cheap Prices

  1. TIIDA 2010 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,060

  2. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 4,090

  3. TIIDA 2010 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,950

  4. TIIDA 2010 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 4,410

  5. TIIDA 2010 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,770

  6. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 2,110

  7. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 6,100

  8. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 6,030

  9. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 4,060

  10. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,090

Nissan Tiida: Brilliant to Have, Majestic to Ride

Most popular and respected small car from Nissan launched in 2004. The company dropped the nameplate of Sunny, Pulsar and Sentra in favor of Nissan Tiida. It is available in the range of ST sedan, the mid-range ST-L sedan, and hatchback. Q hatch and the Ti sedan topping the range with some exceptional advances. The lifespan of Nissan Tiida for sale in Jamaica is based on two generations. The first generation manufactured in 2004 to 2012 and second generation started in 2011.


Design Details

Nissan Tiida for sale in Jamaica is roomy and comfortable with good legroom and headroom. Cabin features top-notch, high-quality material which soft in touch. Polished metal highlights endowed quality look of the overall design of the vehicle. Boot size is enough to carry an adequate amount of luggage. All Tiida models are equipped with high tech base features and technologies. The ST and aircon model had an aircon, remote control central locking system, CD player with four speakers and much more. The high-level models such as TI and Q are equipped with the splash of leather, six speakers and an overhead console which is setting them apart. In case of the latest version, the decent built quality is translated into impressive quality as well as reliability.


Body Styles and Technology

Nissan Tiida for sale is available in two body styles which are sedan and hatchback. The Nissan Tiida in sedan version features standard four-door, and the hatchback version is available with the five-door option. The trail of features and specs include roof rail for load carriage, Rear spoiler offering aerodynamic efficiency and alloy wheels which give it a tough and sturdy look. The inside space features air condition, electronic windows, electrically adjustable folding mirrors, navigation option, climate control and dual airbags across the range.


Power and Performance

The engine choice consists of 1.5-QG15DE, 1.6-QG16DE, 1.8-QG18DE and 2.0-litre QG20DD. 1.5-liter engine features a five-speed manual transmission four wheel drive is standard in all 1.8liter versions. All the other versions of Nissan Tiida feature an automatic transmission option.


Safety and Comfort

The individuality of Nissan Tiida is not confined to a remarkable exterior and high technology features offering instant quality look to the vehicle. The vehicle is successful in delivering a sound and safe journey to the users. The Anti-lock braking system, traction control, central locking system and ESP, multifunction steering and wheel adjustable technology is standard on all Nissan models. Dual-zone climate control, light and rain sensor, leather trim seats, fog and easy accessibility to the interior and engine start button all help to making the riding experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Summing Up

The small car industry is a tough battleground and Nissan is successfully beating the rivals. This little contender is a pack of outstanding attributes and features which are designed to ensure safety reliability and comfort for the end users. Nissan Tiida price in Jamaica, space and plenty of features make it an ultimate choice for users.

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