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Used Nissan Patrol in Uganda

  1. PATROL 2016 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 58,500

  2. PATROL 2009 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 14,831

  3. PATROL 2014 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 18,100

  4. PATROL 2019 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 51,000

  5. PATROL 2019 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 40,570

  6. PATROL 2015 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 27,400

  7. PATROL 2004 Nissan PATROL

    Price: USD 12,450

Nissan Patrol – A Combination of Luxury Yet Modern-Smart Features

Immensely huge and rightly equipped with the latest features, Nissan Patrol is a heavy yet smart-modern vehicle of all the times. With its newest model being launched in Abu Dhabi last year, which spread across states in a few months, Nissan Patrol has become a heartthrob for the people having taste in spectacular vehicles. It comes with four trim wheels and two engines alongside – making it incredible for the drivers from both inside and the outside.

With an utmost consistent capability and core character, the introductory persona of LE T1 Nissan Patrol is similar to that of a comfortable expedition vehicle. While the premium versions of it could compete with any luxury European SUV brand and the intermediary versions filling in the gap between full-fledged yet simplistic features.

As a descendant of many purposeful, dedicated, and tough off-roaders, Nissan Patrol serves a two-way audience with its luxury specs focusing on the elites of Uganda. At the same time, the basic versions target people in search of a family car that could be run smoothly yet incredibly in the vicinities of Uganda. Super-accommodated on the roads of Uganda, Nissan Patrol is a huge deal that could charm the driver with its smoothening drive. It is a delight to drive with the superb steering and visibility it comes along with.

The cherry on top is, with the latest Nissan Patrol model out, there seems to be a massive increase in the demand for used Nissan Patrol in Uganda. The amazing features of the new car tend to make people know of the great worth carried by even the previous models of Nissan. Thence, people searching for a used Nissan Patrol in Uganda must go through the following Nissan Patrol review and make an informed decision before purchasing this voluminous car.

Nissan Patrol Review

Let s take a look at the great inward and outward features you could find in a used Nissan Patrol in Uganda.

Towering Personality :

With much improved and evolutionary modeling, the new Nissan Patrol showcases the blend of perfect design and features. Towering ahead from most SUVs, the new Nissan Patrol undoubtedly carries in it the approximate proportions of its predecessors but features an incredibly sharp edge and an upright fascia with C-shaped LED lights placed at the bumper frames and the V-motion grille of Nissan placed at the deeper and front intakes.

The modernly redesigned rear lights integrated with a chrome strip of full width meanwhile highlights a more horizontal-oriented look of the vehicle s front.

Comfort & Compatibility :

One thing that Nissan Patrol guarantees in all forms, either new or old, is comfort & compatibility. With the provision of an utmost grip during the auto-mode, the incredible holding power of Nissan is superbly compatible with its weight and body. In times of need, when stuck in difficult road situations, this amazing vehicle locks itself into a four-wheel drive with a high standard ratio, or even in a low ratio with power crawling mode whenever required.

Furthermore, Nissan has this incredible feature of locking rear differential in conditions with low traction or electronic hill descent control. The amazing Terrain Mode it has been integrated with possesses the capability to optimize multiple parameters for conditions as snow, sand, road, and rock.

A super comfortable cruiser with exotic and refined cabins and a smoothening quality of ride, Nissan Patrol is likely to absorb most of the road imperfections even with the low-profile tyres. At the same time, it does wonders with the less exposed, higher sidewall, and more rugged tyre options. Though Nissan Patrol seems much comfortable at a normal speed and within the towns, it is likely to showcase a much controlled and rebounding drive through tightened and fastened corners. Additionally, the incredibly powerful fade-resistant brakes, parking sensors, big glasshouse, tight turning circle, and the surround-view camera are a delight to its existence – making Nissan the choice for all.

Luxury & Fluent :

Despite being a weighty and massive vehicle, Nissan Patrol has never failed to surprise first-time drivers with its fluency and agility. Appearing as a huge, luxury vehicle, Nissan Patrol is cozy and relaxing from the inside, with agile features that keep the weight to the outward while flexibility and grace to the inside.

Proving utmost comfort to the drivers, the huge and massive Patrol could accommodate a big number of eight passengers – offering ultra-commanding road views, flexibility, and versatility.

Specs to Test for In A Used Nissan Patrol in Uganda :

  • Dual Engine – 320 horsepower and 521 Nm of torque, 400 horsepower, and 560 Nm of torque
  • Fuel Consumption – 14.5 L/100 Km to 15.8 L/100 Km
  • Fuel Type – Diesel
  • Fuel Capacity – 140 liters
  • Steering – Power-assisted rack and pinion
  • Brakes – ventilated discs, 4/1 – piston calipers
  • Suspension – independent

Used Nissan Patrol Price in Uganda

Seeking a used Nissan Patrol in Uganda? We have got you covered with a variety of used vehicles available at super affordable prices. With so many amazing models of Nissan Patrol available on a single platform, you have the chance to pick the best among them without worrying about the price.

In recent times, an ideal used Nissan Patrol in Uganda could range in between Ugx. 28,000,000 to Ugx. 92,000,000, based on the model and the year of launch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

How safe is it to ride a used Nissan Patrol in Uganda?

The huge yet smart Nissan has been designed to perfectly accommodate Uganda s roads with the features of a massive luxury car integrated inside yet a cutting-edge cover on the outside to make sure your ride is smooth and comfortable every time.

How many passengers could an ideal Nissan Patrol accommodate?

For your delight, Nissan Patrol is a voluminous vehicle with a room for up to 8 persons. It does not comprise on the flexibility and the outside view at the same time.

How Popular Is Nissan Patrol in the market?

Nissan Patrol seems to be highly popular, specifically, in the market of Uganda. Consequently, the manufacturers have always come up with quick and incredible updates and extensions for Patrol engines almost every year.





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