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Nissan Clipper Van - An Ideal Van For Big Families

Introduction of Nissan Clipper

The Japanese cars stand on edged minivans. Therefore, Nissan had a great idea to bring Nissan Clipper van in July 2003 in the market. The Clipper has diverse and amazing specifications and great engine activities. The car has grand features with folded rear seat backrest Creates a flat loading area makes it nothing lesser than any other luxurious van and also gives objects with a length of up to 1.7 meters.

nissan clipper vanInterior of Clipper for Sale

The interior of this spacious van is extremely cozy and feels luxurious. It offers the large rear door and the two lateral sliding Facilitate loading. In addition to the Conventional variant Nissan will offer through its subsidiary Autech i.e. a version with accessibility ramp and lower able rear. The Van is very much spacious and around 6 to 7 people can accommodate in the van very easily. It is great for the short road trip and picnics.

Engine of Nissan Clipper

The cockpit lacks nothing at first glance. The small Van is powered by a three-cylinder gasoline engine, which can work with or without turbochargers available in two performance levels. The Nissan Clipper van along with front-wheel drive is also available with different structures. The engine of the van is extremely effective and long lasting.


Range of commercial models for the Japanese market Nissan represented family of Clipper by the fall of 2003. The van clipper decorated in the trademark style of Nissan car Mitsubishi Minicab / T-Box, assembled in the Mitsubishi factory by the OEM. The range of Clipper includes vans, minivans and mini-trucks with carrying capacity of more than 400 kg. The van clipper offers selecting manual - manual 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. Optionally, you can also order an audio system, central locking and ABS.

Under the hood (or rather, under the front seats) is gasoline 3-cylinder 3G83 engine (48 hp.) transmission. 5-step "mechanics" and the 3-step "automatic machine" offer by the Nissan mini-trucks Clipper. The amazing thing about the van is that the drive possible both at the rear and on both axes. Moreover, the capacity model is up to 400 kg.


The used Nissan clipper van for sale is an idea van for big families and for school pick and drop. It is also good for the road trip and picnics because of the cozy and spacious interior. The relaxing seats can make you feel sitting at home couch.


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