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Honda Vezel 2014 Price in Kenya

  1. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 12,690

  2. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 11,960

  3. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 11,060

  4. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 12,180

  5. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 15,680

  6. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 13,690

  7. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 10,590

  8. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 11,870

  9. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 11,540

  10. VEZEL 2014 Honda VEZEL

    Price: USD 11,960

The Honda Vezel 2014 is a relatively cost-effective investment. It provides comfort for its class and price range. As a subcompact crossover, the Vezel is essentially a tiny and tall vehicle. Because of its high driving position and compact size, it is ideal for navigating the city winding streets while yet having enough space for five people and several goods to be comfortable.

The main selling feature is the Honda Vezel ability to use less gasoline. Given that it is an "SUV" and not a hybrid, you get roughly 15 kilometers per liter, which is extremely amazing. Additionally, the Vezel consumes more fuel than most of its rivals when compared to comparable crossover SUVs.

To provide all occupants with very high levels of comfort and accessibility, Honda redesigned the new Honda Vezel using exquisite and premium materials. Additionally, it has a very lovely cabin and a large load capacity. Additionally, locating components will not be an issue at all.

Let us look at all the features and specifications of the Honda Vezel 2014 in-depth.



Performance And Drive

This is without a doubt the most crucial feature of a vehicle. A poor driving record is a significant disadvantage even if it is attractive and has all the benefits. Fortunately for Honda, Vezel succeeds admirably on the driving test.

The acceleration, steering response, and handling are silky smooth from first gear. Once moving, switching between electric and hybrid modes is effortless. Road grip and cornering handling are delightful to experience, and traction control is an option to increase ones sense of security.

The soundproofing of truly excellent luxury vehicles is one thing that sets them apart, and Vezel does not fall short in this regard either. The auto brake hold function is a wonderful invention and a blessing in city traffic. It eliminates the need to continuously apply the brake or shift into neutral to quickly stop. Help with city collisions is useful.

Vezels Motor The Vezel hybrid vehicle is powered by a 1.5 L direct-injection engine from Honda Earth Dreams Series.



Vezel Engine

A 1.5 L direct-injection engine from Hondas Earth Dreams Series powers the Vezel hybrid model. With paddle shifters, it sports an intelligent dual-clutch transmission. This powers the single motor in conjunction with a strong Li-ion battery that is hidden below the back seats. Together, these two produce 152 horsepower with a 0-100 time of slightly under 8 seconds. It is also quite fuel-efficient; in Econ Mode, one may easily get a city mileage of 20 kmpl. Many people worry that the Vezel would not have enough power, but they are unaware of the fact that it weighs just 1180 kg, which is about 100 kg less than the Civic, and that this results in a fantastic weight-to-power ratio and exciting torque.




Since there are so many of them, any form would, in all honesty, become too common. Objectively speaking, the Vezel does not appear to be desirable. Since subcompact crossovers are often rather short and extremely high up, it might be challenging to design a nice form for them. But this is not true in Vezel case though.

It sports a front fascia that is somewhat reminiscent of the Honda, with linked, raised headlamps and low-set fog lights. It attempts to appear more forceful from the side with a distinctive door line.

Higher-spec cars have more aggressive styling, particularly with contrast body cladding, 17-inch wheels, and a diffuser; however, the Vezel has all of it.




The Compact Crossover period of contemporary car design began in 2014. The terminology is based on the fact that these automobiles attempt to close the design gap that has always existed by borrowing design cues from vehicles in categories above and below their own. The Honda Vezel Hybrid is similar to Honda CR-V and Honda Fit Hybrid.

Honda Vezel 2014 has perfection written all over it when a car enthusiast analyzes its exterior. The front is lovely. Every inch of the design, including the grille, bonnet, bumper, headlights, and fenders, is stunning to look at.

With LED lighting, the rear is just as excellent, if not better. The road presence is stunning and undoubtedly a head turner as a whole. Perhaps only the Mazda CX-3 in its class can go head-to-head with the Honda Vezel.




Vezel doors open, and as soon as you get inside, you cannot help but feel as though you are in a much more expensive vehicle. Its status as a top-tier luxury car in Japan is beyond question. The door panels, the armrest, the steering wheel, and the front panel feature a high-end leather stitched finish.

The climate control panel is entirely touch-based. The gear lever, meter, and I-MID are all exquisitely crafted. Lovely chrome finish around the AC vents and speakers. LED roof lighting for cabins is standard.

You can tell how much attention to detail went into the material choices and general aesthetics of Vezel interior when you examine the seat fabric and floor mats. It is a good amount of space inside, with enough room for legs.

Honda magic seat system is helpful when one needs even more room for goods and other items. Overall, Vezel interior design combines a mini Suvs comfort with the intimate feel of a premium coupe.



Vezel Fuel Consumption

The Vezel Hybrid is powered by a 1.5 i-VTEC and an electric motor. The compact body is easily pushed with 112 kW (150 bhp) and 155 Nm of torque.

The powertrain is effortless, and the dual-clutch gearbox is quick and smooth, resulting in a phenomenal fuel economy of 24.2 km/l.

The Honza Vezel gasoline engine is renowned to produce a remarkable average fuel efficiency of 27.0 km/L on roadways, compared to the hybrid engines 20.6 km/L.



Honda Vezel Modern Features

Modern Features of the Honda Vezel When considering which car to buy, some features that can safeguard passengers or assist drivers in avoiding incidents may be crucial considerations Therefore, the Honda vezel 2014 has different features that stand out. Some of the most prominent features are:

1. Electronic Park

2. Auto Brake Hold

3. City Collision Assist

4. Vehicle Stability Assist (Traction Control )

5. Height adjustable cup holders

6. Adjustable Head Lamps

7. Six-way Quality Surround Sound System with 360-degree HD Rear Cam

8. Six airbags, Climate, Steering, and Cruise Controls

9. Reactive Force Pedal

10. Adjustable Seats

11. Honda Smart Key Entry System



Honda Vezel 2014 Price In Kenya

Honda Vezel 2014 price in Kenya is between KES 2,070,000 and KES 2,180,000. The pricing of the Honda Vezel benefits Japanese dealers stocks, although local owners stocks offer swift delivery and convenience. Make sure you know all import laws and procedures before purchasing a car straight from a Japanese dealer, or at least hire a knowledgeable agent to help you.


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