Toyota Vitz 2014 - Extremely Popular Car

  1. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 4,951

  2. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,368

  3. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 5,417

  4. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,466

  5. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 5,553

  6. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 12,786

  7. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 5,815

  8. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,456

  9. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,388

  10. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 10,864

The Toyota Vitz took over from its predecessors, the Toyota Starlet and Toyota Tercel. The produced between 1998 and 2006 models of the Japanese small car were equipped either with spark ignition engines, which had a volume of one liter or 1.3 or a 1.4-liter diesel engine. Except for the diesel model all types had two overhead camshafts. With all variants you placed the speedometer centered in the dashboard.

Toyota - Innovation and Ingenuity

Since 1937, the Japanese manufacturer Toyota brings high-quality, innovative vehicles to market. The Group has around 522 subsidiaries worldwide and provides its vehicles at 51 locations here in 26 different countries. In 2012, nearly five million cars from the brand have been sold worldwide.


The special feature of the Japanese company is a high inventiveness and high economy of various models. Toyota brings automobiles for all the needs on the market: from small cars to vans all variants are represented. As extremely popular applies the subcompact Toyota Vitz, which is also known as a Toyota Yaris in many countries.

Economical and Well equipped - The Toyota Vitz 2014

toyota vitz 2014Since 1998, the Toyota Vitz is marketed in its home country. Its identical twins, which is additionally equipped with a notchback is known as Toyota Place. In 2014 there were almost 2.5 million vehicles running off the assembly line. The model toyotra Vitxz 2014 is one of the most economical as well as well equipped cars in the vitz series.

Features /Specifications

The standard features that 2014 model of vitz offer includes front and side airbags, disc brakes in the front area, drum brakes in the rear area, ABS, drive dynamics control, electric power steering and power windows, tilt steering wheel, divided rear seat 60/40, udio-way with six speakers along with height-adjustable drivers seat.

The improved Toyota Vitz 2014toyota vitz 2014

One of the milestones in the development of the Toyota Vitz is certainly the introduction of the hybrid model, which was produced in France. Here came the 1.5-liter engine, which had already proven itself used on the Prius II.


The small battery is located at the back of the rear seat, so that the trunk can be accessed. Who pushes the Eco Button of the Toyota Vitz 2014, can also make its consumption of ecological and economical. Depending on the model of consumption of the hybrid is 3.1 to 4.9 liters for a distance of 100 kilometers.


Toyota Vitz 2014 Fuel Consumption / MPG

Up to 30 city / 37 highway

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