Toyota Wish - Simply Astonishing, Luxurious And Exquisite

  1. WISH 2003 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,830

  2. WISH 2008 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,660

  3. WISH 2006 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,480

  4. WISH 2007 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 3,390

  5. WISH 2013 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,720

  6. WISH 2012 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,920

  7. WISH 2005 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,890

  8. WISH 2009 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 4,330

  9. WISH 2007 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 1,640

  10. WISH 2011 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 6,530

The popular Japanese car Toyota Wish has first been produced in Japan from January 2003. Successful sales in many countries show that the Toyota Wish, thanks to modern design; impressive technical and functional equipment, managed to win the hearts of many motorists. In Japanese used car market, Toyota Wish of 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009 & 2008 are most in-demand models. The developers tried to install a Toyota Wish latest developments in the field of high technology, designed to create an in-car high level of comfort and ease.


Sequential four-speed transmission has a manual mode switching speeds. Low noise level from the Toyota Wish headwind at high speeds achieved using a special aerodynamic bumper. The spacious interior is equipped with modern Toyota Wish suede seat with inlays of ebony wood on the front panel and control panel windows. A special steering wheel is covered in genuine leather to bring optimal feel.


The Used Toyota WISH Fuel-Efficient and Spacious

In 2003, the first generation of Toyota WISH, ae10, appeared on the market. It is available as a six and seven-seater, equipped with either a 1.8 or 2.0-litre gasoline engine. In 2009 the second generation, AE20 series was introduced. The compact MPV is available in the first model with gasoline engines, offering displacements from 1.8 to 2.0 liters. These provide a maximum output of 114 kilowatts. In the second series the possible displacement parameters were maintained, the performance is now at up to 116 kilowatts. While the models had a length of 4.56 meters boasted at the launch of the second generation measured as 4.59 meters. Optical remained true to the Toyota, designed the front but slightly more aggressive.


The Performance and Interior of the WISH

The combination is suitable for six to seven people and offers a comfortable ride. Despite the high technical performance, especially the second generation is considered to be fuel-efficient and therefore cheap to maintain. Through the seven stages automatic on many models optimal handling is enabled.


The Placement of the House Toyota

The model Wish is larger than the Toyota Spacio and smaller than the Toyota Ipsum. This does not affect primarily the external dimensions, but the amount of space inside. Although the Ipsum has slightly shorter length dimensions, but is cut generously indoors.


Exterior of Toyota Wish

The exterior of Toyota Wish is classy and gives the look of luxurious car that people wish to have. The entire exterior is very high in quality. If you compare Toyota wish to the previous models, the exterior of this car is updated and well designed. It offers new alloy tires as well as new model spots that compliment the sporty and classy bumper. Both the bumper as well as tires gives this car a very distinctive and sporty look. Moreover, the fender of the car has been customized which enhances the Toyota wish grace and elegance. The design of Toyota wish is simply astonishing, luxurious and exquisite. Front and rear lights give the classiest looks and enhanced car beauty. The entire exterior of the Toyota wish is exceptionally compact and streamlined.


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Wish is approximately 18 mpg.


Hence we can say that Toyota Wish is a car that opens heart of excellence in driving the best.



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