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Toyota Will Vi Review

  1. MR WAGON 2006 Toyota MR WAGON

    Price: USD 828

  2. LIFE 2004 Toyota LIFE

    Price: USD 800

  3. MOVE 2005 Toyota MOVE

    Price: USD 838

  4. MOVE 2007 Toyota MOVE

    Price: USD 752

  5. MIRA 2005 Toyota MIRA

    Price: USD 800

  6. EK WAGON 2002 Toyota EK WAGON

    Price: USD 752

  7. ESSE 2010 Toyota ESSE

    Price: USD 752

  8. DEMIO 2007 Toyota DEMIO

    Price: USD 609


    Price: USD 800

  10. MIRA 2007 Toyota MIRA

    Price: USD 752

Toyota Will Vi Review

If you have never heard of Toyota Will Vi, then you have lived your life wrong. This funky, trendy and unique car is all you need in your garage to get the best driving experience. It s a four-door car, which was only available in Japan with no Toyota logo on it. Both the interior and exterior of the car are distinctive from what you have seen in the market before.

The car was introduced in January 2000 as a joint marketing practice from some of the best Japanese companies. Toyota was a part of this practice and was the only car manufacturing company in them.

The aim of this marketing practice was to produce Will-branded products that were as per the preferences and choices of the new generation. The car, PC, etc. that was manufactured were all in unique and appealing appearance to make sure that the new generation was attracted to them.

Toyota took the chance to come up with a sleek, retro, fashionable, and trendy car that offers an incredible driving performance. Just by looking at the car, one could tell that it s an upgraded version of a classic car, but with a better interior and exterior.

Some of the best features of the Toyota Will Vi were:

  • The design of the car was the talk of the town. It comes in a symmetrical design with expressive angles and converging planes. It further has a reverse-angle rear window that gave it the edge. The car was available in rather funky colors such as pink, purple, and so on. The car moved on 15-inch wheels that gave it strength and stability while driving.
  • The car came with a powerful 88PS 2NZ-FE 1.3-liter 16v engine to make sure that you have no problem with its performance. It further comes with a four-speed automatic gearbox. According to the target demographics, the recyclable polymer was used in both interior plastics and bumpers. The company made sure to remove all the lead from the wiring loom, radiator, and heater core as well.
  • The interior of the car was rather in rounded textures with autumnal tones to make sure that you get a relaxing car environment. Once you sit in the car, you will automatically feel as if you re home. The car further came with a column-mounted gear shift. The interior of the was the car was only a cherry on top of what the car has to offer.

Key Features of Toyota Will Vi

The Toyota Will Vi review is incomplete without mentioning some of the key features of the car. Here are some of them.

Body Style                                                           4 door sedan/saloon – 4/5 seats

Weight                                                                 940kg

Engine Size                                                         1.3 liter

Cylinders                                                             4, straight

Mileage                                                                                3760mm

Torque                                                                 123 Nm

Power                                                                   6000 rpm

These are some of the main features of the car, which shows that the car is good enough to be bought. If you re looking to buy Toyota Will Vi, then you are planning to use your money in the right place.

What to Look for in a Used Toyota Will Vi?

Purchasing a used Toyota Will Vi can be risky, but it s not too risky. All you have to do is to make sure that you checked all the features before making the final payment. Purchasing any old car is an important decision, so it s important that you take your time before making the purchase.

Here are some things to look for in a used Toyota Will Vi.

  • Always make sure to check the exterior of the car to see if there is any rust or scratches. It s important because a rusted car won t last long for you. If you are investing your money, then make sure to invest it in the right place.
  • Check under the hood and make sure that the engine is working fine. Since it s a little technical, you can take a mechanic with you or any other experienced professional to check the car. Also, don t forget to check the oils in the car.
  • The interior of the car matters too. See if there are any broken items, if the seats are okay, if there are any scratches inside, or if the electronics are working fine. Check the stereo of the car as well; otherwise, how will you enjoy your car rides?
  • Check the tires because they can put financial pressure on you. If the tires are not in a good condition, then it s best to look for a new car.
  • Mileage of the car tells how old the car is, so either ask a question or check it yourself. It s important, especially when you are paying such a heavy price.

Checking all the features of the car before purchasing it is extremely necessary to avoid any problem in the future. If you make the mistake of buying the wrong car, then you will only be wasting money on it for the rest of your life.

You can purchase the best-used cars, including used Toyota Will Vi for sale on SBT Japan Motors who specifically deals in the transport of used cars. Get the best car for your money and enjoy the ride for the rest of your life by investing your money in the right place.


What is the engine of Toyota Will Vi?

The Toyota Will Vi comes with a 1.3-liter Inline engine with 79.2 cu-in capacity in it. It s enough to go on for hours before asking for another refill.

How many horsepower does the engine of Toyota Will Vi have?

Horsepower is the calculation of the produce by the power engine. The Toyota Will Vi comes with 65 kW of horsepower.

What is the weight of the Toyota Will Vi?

The weight of the Toyota Will Vi is 940 kg.

Is Toyota Will Vi an All-Wheel Drive?

No, the Toyota Will Vi is not an All-Wheel Drive. It s a Front-Wheel Drive.


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