Unveiling the Toyota Vitz: Prices in Kenya

  1. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 8,620

  2. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 8,210

  3. VITZ 2011 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 3,430

  4. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 9,390

  5. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,890

  6. VITZ 2015 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,830

  7. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 8,420

  8. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 8,180

  9. VITZ 2013 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 6,290

  10. VITZ 2019 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 10,980

The Toyota Vitz, a compact yet stylish hatchback, has captured the hearts of Kenyan drivers with its fuel efficiency, sleek design, and reliable performance. That is why we will navigate through the various aspects of this popular vehicle. Let us begin with an insightful review.

Because of its small size, the Toyota Vitz is a great vehicle for driving through Kenyas busy streets. Despite its compact exterior, the inside is surprisingly spacious, making for a comfortable ride. In addition, the Vitzs fuel economy makes it a cost-effective option for individuals trying to save expenses without sacrificing performance.



Toyota Vitz Specifications

Body Type: Hatchback


Length: 3,610 - 3,980 mm (142.1 - 156.7 in)

Width: 1,660 - 1,695 mm (65.4 - 66.9 in)

Height: 1,485 - 1,540 mm (58.5 - 60.6 in)

Ground Clearance: 140 - 160 mm (5.5 - 6.3 in)

Displacement: 996 - 1,496 cc

Transmission: Automatic or CVT


1.0L 3-cylinder: 68 - 72 HP, 92 - 96 Nm

1.3L 4-cylinder: 95 - 99 HP, 120 - 123 Nm

1.5L 4-cylinder (hybrid): 100 - 115 HP, 136 - 140 Nm

Fuel Consumption:

1.0L: 21.6 - 23.2 km/L (49.4 - 53.0 mpg)

1.3L: 25.0 - 26.2 km/L (57.4 - 60.1 mpg)

1.5L (hybrid): 34.0 - 34.5 km/L (78.5 - 79.2 mpg)

Top Speed:

1.0L: 160 km/h (99 mph)

1.3L: 180 km/h (112 mph)

1.5L (hybrid): 160 km/h (99 mph)

Seating Capacity: 5

Safety Features:

  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)
  • Brake assist (BA)
  • Vehicle stability control (VSC)
  • Traction control (TRC)
  • Hill start assist (HSA)
  • Airbags for driver, front passenger, and front and side curtain airbags

Additional Features:

  • Keyless start and entry
  • Push-button start/stop
  • Steering wheel-mounted controls for audio and cruise control
  • Multi-information display
  • Touchscreen infotainment system
  • Rearview camera

In addition to the specs given above, please note that these specifications may vary depending on the model year and market.



Toyota Vehicles Demand in Kenya

Toyota has historically been a popular and well-accepted brand in the Kenyan automotive market. That is why the brand is known for producing reliable and durable vehicles that align with the preferences of many Kenyan consumers. Some factors contributing to the demand for Toyota vehicles in Kenya include:

Reliability: Toyota cars are often perceived as reliable and require less maintenance. As a result, it makes them appealing to consumers in Kenya, where road conditions can be challenging.

Fuel Efficiency: Many Toyota models are known for their fuel efficiency. And we all know it is an essential factor for consumers in Kenya, considering the cost of fuel.

Resale Value: Additionally, Toyota vehicles generally have good resale value, which is a significant consideration for consumers looking for a long-term investment.

Diverse Product Range: Additionally, Toyota provides a wide variety of automobiles to suit the needs and tastes of a wide spectrum of customers, from compact cars to SUVs and trucks.

Brand Reputation: The overall positive reputation of the Toyota brand globally contributes to its appeal in the Kenyan market.

Affordability: While some Toyota models may be considered relatively more expensive. On the other hand, the brand also offers more affordable options, making it accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Vitz, being an easy-to-handle car, is in high demand, specially by the young population and women in Kenya. That is why newer drivers find Vitz affordable and suitable. It is one of the most liked vehicles under the compact vehicles category.



Price of Toyota Vitz in Kenya

Now, let us delve into a crucial aspect for potential buyers – the price of the Toyota Vitz in Kenya. That is why, finding the cheapest Toyota Vitz in Kenya for sale requires diligent research and a keen understanding of the factors influencing pricing in the Kenyan market. The model year, mileage, and condition all affect a Toyota Vitzs pricing in Kenya. Furthermore, you can expect to pay anywhere from KSh 300,000 to KSh 1,000,000 for a used Toyota Vitz and KSh 1,300,000 to KSh 2,500,000 for a new one.



Factors Affecting the Price of Toyota Vitz in Kenya

Several factors contribute to the pricing of the Toyota Vitz in Kenya. These include the vehicles condition, mileage, model year, and additional features. That is why newer models and those with lower mileage often come with a higher price tag due to their perceived better condition.

Furthermore, customs and import duties also influence the overall cost of the Toyota Vitz in Kenya. Nevertheless, changes in government policies and tax regulations can impact the final price, making it essential for buyers to stay informed about the prevailing economic conditions.



SBT Japan and SBT Kenya

Now that we have explored the general aspects of the Toyota Vitz. Let us shift our focus to a prominent player in the automotive market – SBT Japan.

SBT Japan, a renowned name in the automotive industry, serves as a bridge between Japanese car auctions and international buyers. With a vast inventory of vehicles, including the SBT Toyota vehicles, SBT Japan has gained trust for its transparency and reliability in delivering quality vehicles.

Similarly, SBT Kenya, an extension of SBT Japan, operates locally to provide Kenyan customers with convenient access to a wide range of Japanese vehicles. This includes the popular SBT Toyota Vitz, ensuring that customers can explore options tailored to their preferences and budgets. That is why SBT Japan and SBT Kenya are two reliable and budget-friendly sources for finding a used Toyota Vitz.



Buying Toyota Vitz in Kenya through SBT Japan or SBT Kenya

The decision between SBT Kenya and SBT Japan is influenced by a number of variables, such as individual preferences, financial limitations, and degree of purchase process engagement.

Furthermore, buying through SBT Japan offers the advantage of accessing a broader selection of vehicles directly from Japanese auctions. As a result, buyers can explore a diverse range of Toyota Vitz models, including those with specific features or unique colors.

On the other hand, opting for SBT Kenya provides the convenience of a local presence. With a showroom in Kenya, SBT Kenya enables customers to physically inspect vehicles, test drive them, and make purchase decisions with a sense of immediacy.



Why is SBT a Reliable Source?

SBTs reputation as a reliable source for purchasing vehicles stems from its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. That is why the company conducts thorough inspections of all vehicles in its inventory, ensuring that customers receive cars in good condition.

Additionally, the transparency in the purchasing process is another key factor that sets SBT apart. Detailed vehicle descriptions, high-quality images, and comprehensive information about each Toyota Vitz listed contribute to a hassle-free buying experience.

Furthermore, SBTs customer support plays a pivotal role in addressing inquiries, providing assistance, and guiding customers through the entire purchasing journey. Additionally, the companys dedication to customer satisfaction fosters trust among buyers, making it a preferred choice for acquiring vehicles.




In conclusion, the Toyota Vitz stands as a popular choice in the Kenyan automotive market, offering a perfect blend of efficiency, style, and reliability. That is why understanding the factors influencing its price and exploring reliable sources such as SBT Japan and SBT Kenya empowers buyers to make informed decisions.

Whether you choose to explore the vast options available through SBT Japan or prefer the local convenience offered by SBT Kenya, both avenues promise a reliable and transparent purchasing experience. That is why, as you embark on the journey of owning a Toyota Vitz in Kenya, may your ride be smooth, your choices well-informed, and your satisfaction guaranteed.

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