Toyota Vitz 2010- The Car for Urban Life

  1. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 2,407

  2. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 3,097

  3. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 1,844

  4. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 4,223

  5. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 2,233

  6. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 2,504

  7. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 2,407

  8. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 3,174

  9. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 3,951

  10. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Price: USD 3,611

Whether it is about the brand new car or the used one, Toyota Vitz has carved its place in the heart of customers. The vehicle was first introduced in 1998 and the year 2010 had the record sales in brand new vehicles. The Toyota Vitz 2010 review shows that it came as a 3 door and 5 door hatchback in total of three generations. It is also called Toyota Yaris in a number of markets and has worked well for inflated urban life.

Size for Jam Packed Roads

toyota vitz 2010The Toyota Vitz 2010 for sale came with a sportier exterior with minute changes contributing to greater difference. The single windshield wiper was used instead of pair of wipers. The car is compressed in manner that many believe it has got feminine touch.


It can easily fit in a number of different road conditions, especially in urban area. The lights are made angularly broad installed inside the shell. The headlights and taillights have reflectors for increasing visibility. The fog lights are there inside the bumper that makes dark fogy road clear for drive.


The Alloy Wheels are there available in stylish designs from factory or by different tire shops across globe. They boost the image of the vehicle with curves and bents further supporting the process. Hence it is not just the size but the overall look that makes Toyota Vitz 2010 ideal for city.

Toyota Vitz 2010- Economical Performer

The small engines bring lower consumption of fuel, though the performance is well managed even in this case. The acceleration is the basic gauge of performance and it is made up to the mark by synchronizing brake with suspension.


The smoothness with which the car stops and the bumps on uneven is managed, determines the quality of drive. The brisk and quick movement makes this car ideal for the urban fast life. The weight transfer on each wheel is managed quiet well by loading each tire to an optimal level.


The Anti-Lock Braking System brings in tractive contact with road. The cadence and threshold braking is automated in this system to make the vehicle remain in control even when driving at a fast speed. The Toyota Vitz 2010 price is kept in control with the use of solid technology yet making it a simple car.

Technology Up to Datetoyota vitz 2010

The Toyota Vitz 2010 specification shows that the technology used is made up to date, with interior made more spacious. The moment one enters the car; the adjustable steering wheel, indicators, seat lining, temperature control system and airbags gives a comfort filled peace of mind.


The steering wheel has the adjustment capacity that adjusts in column and height. The indicators are digitalized in a number of models best telling the important details to run car clearly. The meters read about fuel consumption, mileage and engine temperature.


The seats are lined with either leather or cloth giving a home like feeling in style. The computerized system to control temperature, manages air flow on different seats. In case of accidents the hidden hero airbags come out from front and sides protecting life.

Therefore it can be confidently said that Toyota Vitz 2010 is among the best options for urban life.

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