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Toyota Vanguard Price In Tanzania

  1. VANGUARD 2008 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,900

  2. VANGUARD 2010 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,220

  3. VANGUARD 2010 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,030

  4. VANGUARD 2011 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,590

  5. VANGUARD 2012 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,660

  6. VANGUARD 2007 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 4,860

  7. VANGUARD 2013 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 7,000

  8. VANGUARD 2013 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,950

  9. VANGUARD 2012 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,030

Tanzanian are big fans of the Toyota Vanguard. Toyota midsize SUV, the Vanguard, is regarded as opulent due to its abundance of equipment and choices. You sense supreme comfort and quality throughout. The Toyota Vanguard is regarded as the Toyota RAV4s younger sister. It is a bigger, more opulent alternative to the company popular off-roader. As soon as it debuted on August 30, 2007, the opulent crossover vanguard gained enormous popularity all around the world.




Let us start with the cars introduction so that you can get a sense of the facts that set Vanguard apart. It features a large body that gives the impression of solidity. The car offers three comfortable rows of seats that easily accommodate either 5 to 7 passengers. There are two different kinds of engines: an in-line 4-cylinder 2.4L engine with 170 horsepower and a V6 3.5L engine with 280 horsepower.

The Toyota vanguard comes with a variety of variants, including the "350S" and "240S," with the "G package" available for each kind. Its foundation is an enlarged RAV4 chassis, and the two vehicles even share certain body panels. The Vanguard, on the other hand, has an additional row of seats inside, making it a true 7-seater. The enormous SUVs exterior has attractive headlights, a wide grille, and horizontal chrome bars. The latter gives the newcomer an upscale appearance and stand in stark contrast to the grey plastic components utilized in the RAV4.




Everyone is more focused to pick the suitable car to buy, but picking the correct engine to move that car is just as crucial. At the end of the day, nobody really likes seeing a large, expensive piece of rubber and metal taking up valuable space while doing nothing. Without a can opener on the side, it is just as worthless as canned food. However, the advantages change depending on the engine you select.

There are two different engine options for the Toyota Vanguard: a 3.5 litre 6-cylinder V6 engine and a 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine, each producing 125 kW and 224 Nm. A 4-cylinder engine variant with a CVT gearbox is available. Super ECT 5-speed electronic control gearbox with Hyper CVT-i, 6-cylinder engine model. All of these things make the Toyota vanguard fuel consumption a lot better than other vehicles of this category. All vehicles come equipped with steering-assisted vehicle stability control (S-VSC) and active torque control (4WD) systems.




The worth of the car interior is equal to that of its other components, and it is further separated into areas for comfort, entertainment, safety, and space. Let us go through each of the three aspects of what interior has to offer in more depth.




For people looking for a roomy vehicle, the Toyota Vanguard is the one. The first rows legroom is good, and even a tall driver will have ample space to move about. The Toyota Vanguards enormous cargo capacity, when configured, as a five-seater is made possible by the third-row seats, which neatly fold into the floor. It has enough space to carry five peoples worth of luggage without becoming overstuffed. The second-row seats can be folded down in the two-seater configuration to provide space that is almost as large as a cargo van. The only thing you could possibly fit back there in the 7-seater configuration is probably a laptop bag. The boot space is practically nonexistent.

Legroom is particularly generous in the second row, even in the center seat, which is often uncomfortable in most vehicles. Although the third row seating is fairly cramped for adults, it nevertheless outperforms its rivals on the market.



Trunk Space

The Toyota Vanguard features lots of interior storage space for all three rows, which is important for keeping things like smartphones, water, etc. There are two cup holders, door pockets, a cubby box, and a glove box for the first row. There are two cup holders for the second row in the front seats jacket pockets and the armrest. On the wheel arch of the third row, there are two cup holders and storage spaces.



Safety Features

Standard and cutting-edge safety features on the Toyota Vanguard include SRS Airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and electronic brake distribution. The Toyota Vanguard is equipped with SRS 6 airbags, traction control, and driving aids, making it easier for the driver to drive safely and stress-free. These features include the Downhill Assist Control (DAC) button, an anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution, and active headrests, which lessen the risk of injury in an accident.

All models come with the Hill Start Assist Control and Downhill Assist Control as standard equipment. The SRS airbag system, curtain airbags, 3-point seat belts for the rear center seat, headrest, etc. All of these are recognized as excellent safety features.




The first thing prospective automobile buyers notice about a car is its appearance. Regarding the Toyota Vanguards appearance, the midsize SUV has nothing to complain about. The front of the automobile is sleek, making it the unusual side. You will adore the automobile if you are the type of buyer who loves the outside and external detailing of the vehicle. Everything appears to be on target. The inside and exterior work together to create a luxury crossover you would not regret purchasing.

The exterior of the Vanguard is attractive and welcoming. The Vanguard has curved headlamps up front that blend in nicely with the grille, a smooth, rounded bumper beneath, and driving lights connected to both of its ends. The appearance of the Toyota Vanguard is appealing and stylish. Similar to the RAV4, it has well-rounded edges and curves that enhance its fashionable appearance. All grades have optional alloy rims and roof rails.




It is a little big since it has a long body and three rows of seats. The automobiles measurements might offer you an even better picture of how the car will appear. The width is more than 1800mm, and the overall length is 4570mm. Instead of emphasizing the force sometimes seen in SUVs, the external design provides a pleasant feel appropriate for city driving. Thanks to the angled headlamps and chrome grilles horizontal bars, it has a passenger vehicle appearance. Instead of having a spare tire in the back, the rearview also seem tidy. Furthermore, like a passenger automobile is the back view. The Toyota vanguard price in Tanzania starts from 10,000,000 Tanzanian shillings.




Most families, no matter big or small can benefit from the Toyota Vanguard crossover, which is a useful and adaptable car. The Vanguard has a 4WD option as much as feasible since it has strong off-road and handling capabilities. The Toyota Vanguard is a high-quality crossover vehicle with a roomy cabin that seats up to seven passengers. The models main ideas promoted an active lifestyle and more comfort for travelling. If you are looking for something that has the same feel as a large SUV but costs less, you should buy it without a doubt.

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