Toyota Tercel - The Complete Vehicle

  1. TERCEL 1999 Toyota TERCEL

    Price: USD 5,390

  2. TERCEL 1992 Toyota TERCEL

    Price: USD 5,040

Toyota Tercel is a subcompact vehicle that came from 1978 to 2000. It came in five generations and shared the platform with Starlet and Paseo. It acquired a unique position in the market with being the first front wheel drive from Toyota.

Toyota inculcated the same spirit of continuous improvement on this vehicle as well. There are a number of reasons behind its success, though a few points are jot down below:

Toyota Tercel - Name Philosophy

The name Tercel is a Latin word meaning one third. It has a standing between Corolla and Starlet which is best shown in the name, telling the difference is one third. Also the word Tiercel is referred to a male falcon that is a third smaller to its female version.

 The Doors And Displacements

The first generation came as a 2 to 4 door sedan and 3 door hatchback with 1.3L and 1.5L displacement respectively.  The second generation had 5 door hatchback addition and the 5 door station wagon as replacement to 2 door sedan of previous generation. The third generation had 2 door sedan returns with 3 and 5 door hatchback only. The fourth generation brought in 2 door coupe, 3 door hatchback and 4 door sedan option with last generation having the same combination.

The Exterior And Style

The outside is fully loaded with features that make Toyota Tercel stylish enough, giving a boost to sales. Even as used vehicle the features remained durable enough, so quality experience remain intact in overall manner. The exterior has colors available of Red, Blue, Green, Beige and Black aside from White, Silver and Grey to support. The Alloy Wheels act as image booster with enhancement to tires and Roof Rail to make additional luggage carriage performed to ease.   

Hence all aside from much more make it a complete car.

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