Used Toyota Sienna Limited Available For Sale

Toyota Sienna-The Limited Edition

Toyota Sienna Limited for sale is a practical, versatile and sensible minivan, manufactured by leading Japanese automaker Toyota. It is the proper eight-seater minivan that meets the needs of most of the minivan buyers. This vehicle is currently living in the third generation, offered with lots of improvements and upgrades. It was fully redesigned for the second time in 2010, although it has been getting various refinements and updates till now. This minivan is spacious and comfortable enough, offering lot space for accommodation of passengers and cargo. It is well equipped with long list of convenience and reliable features that make it a dependable passenger mover. Due to its good level specs and features, this minivan had also been awarded as a Top Safety Pick award from IIHS in 2010. It is also worth mentioning that this is the only minivan available with all-wheel-drive powertrain. Moreover, this vehicle has proved to be one of the most reliable passenger cars to move your family around.


Reliable Features

Toyota Sienna Limited for sale is range-topping model of its lineup. This is an affordable vehicle in this segment that makes it more appealing than any of the rivals. The price of this top-spec model starts from 40,000USD, although the price varies as per model and mileage of the vehicle. It comes equipped with comfortable and convenience features that make it the most reliable car in this segment. This model is offered with additional equipments and hi-tech gadgets, making it a highly modified and well equipped minivan. Limited trim is integrated with features like power liftgate, sunroof, power windows, climate control, leather seating, heated steering wheel and entertainment system. In addition, it is also given with advanced safety features including rear parking sensor, blind sport monitoring, cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control and rearview camera as standard. This vehicle has also earned top score in crash test, conducted by IIHS. Overall, it is rated as above-average vehicle in terms of reliability.



Toyota Sienna Limited for sale is an aesthetic and extremely practical MPV. It has got refreshing styling and improved key features that keep it competitive against rivals in the current market. The interior of the minivan is designed with quality material that provides plenty of soft-touch surfaces. The cabin gives an up-market feel, offering a luxurious and plush ride on the go. It has capacity to seat up to eight passengers comfortable along with ample headroom and legroom for all occupants. The seats are highly comfortable and supportive that enables good level comfort throughout the way. It has four complete set of LATCH car-seat connectors, located on second-row seats and third row passenger-side. This minivan also offers class-leading boot capacity of 150 cubic feet, when folding third-row seats. Hence, it carries good record of practicality and reliability for which it is named as Camry of the minivans.



Toyota Sienna Limited for sale is equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engine that tends to power all four wheels. It is the only minivan that comes with all-wheel drive, ensuring smooth rides and decent performance. The powerplant delivers output power of 266 horsepower while pairing up with a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine revolves happily at moderate speed, delivering ample power and throttle response. It provides a decent fuel economy of 23mpg on combined cycle. This minivan is given with well-weighted steering that helps to handle it smoothly with little body lean around the corners. Moreover, it is much reliable and easier to drive than any of the rival minivans.

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