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  1. COROLLA 2002 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,670

  2. COROLLA 2022 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 18,550

  3. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,180

  4. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 15,440

  5. COROLLA 1981 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 8,440

  6. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,450

  7. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 12,640

  8. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,320

  9. COROLLA 2021 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 13,440

  10. COROLLA 2024 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 44,760

A new car model Toyota Corolla Runx, announced on April 27 2004, partly (small) modernization lineup Corolla touched hatchback Toyota Corolla Runx and Toyota Allex. The upgrade changes were made to the look of the car, improved cabin interior, which now looks better and more comfortable, refined engine 1NZ-FE, set the monitor closed turning the setting of SRS-side airbags.


These innovations, however, are common to all series cars Corolla. With specific regard to the lineup Runx / Allex, then it appeared (as well as in the model Corolla Runx) a new version of the brand with a powerful engine 2ZZ-GE (maximum developed capacity of 190 hp). Runx is popular in many parts of the world including South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and Jamaica.

The Appearance:

In addition, the suspension of the car, which has become more rigid and understated than before, used the device of a new type - working dampers. So, we can toyota runxassume that the content changes almost indistinguishable from those made by car Corolla (sedan) or Fielder (wagon). Yet the appearance of the car was different, different from the sedan and wagon.


Let me remind you that the model of Runx / Allex initially had in common with the Corolla Sedan / Fielder facing front. But during the previous partial modernization in 2002, features it faces became sharper. As a result, a current modernization of this difference in design has become even more prominent. Generally speaking, the decorative grille made a new body color, and the headlights have a teardrop shape, the same as in the sister car Vitz.

Moments Worthy Of A Positive Assessment

The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine and two modifications of the engine with a displacement of 1.8 liters total, three modifications. In addition, each modification includes 5 different categories of machines.

Toyota RunX is hechbekom five-door layout of the body and belongs to the family of models Corolla. The car was produced in the framework of the existence of the ninth generation Toyota Corolla and was intended for the domestic market in Japan, which is why all existing instances Toyota Ranks are hand drive on the right side. The model is aggressive external features with pretensions to sportiness, but the interior is almost identical to a conventional Corolla. It came with a range of petrol and diesel powertrains in volume from 1.5 to 2.2 liters. Some versions were equipped with drive to all four wheels.

Specifications of Toyota Runx

Toyota Corolla Runx - hatchback large family of models Corolla. Toyota Runx is one of the most reliable as well as affordable car in its class. The overall look for the car recalls for Europe. The interior of Toyota runx is not much different from corolla, but sports items added to it. Moreover, it also has a spacious interior. The Toyota runx equipped with the quality engine of 1.5 or 1.8 liters. The modification of the sports with a 1.8 liter engine and variable valve timing VVT-I set a 4-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox. Modifications to the 1.5-liter engine equipped with four-wheel drive.


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Runx is about 39 mpg.


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