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Toyota RunX for Sale in Mombasa

  1. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 3,090

  2. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 5,290

  3. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 4,310

  4. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 8,390

  5. COROLLA 2005 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 4,690

  6. COROLLA 1997 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 5,070

  7. COROLLA 2021 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 15,820

Toyota, a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, launched an all-new model in the five-door hatchback market. The new RunX range consists of six model variants, and for performance freaks, the highlight will be the RSi.



How Toyota RunX Was Launched?

The Toyota RunX is another quality hatchback car that began production at the same time as the Toyota Allex. Like the Toyota Allex hatchback, the Toyota RunX designers adopted popular interior and exterior stylistic features.

Although an almost identical sister model to the Toyota Allex, the Toyota Corolla RunX car has a variety of minor design differences, like its front grille design. The Corolla RunX is solid and sturdy, with its body dimensions equal to that of the Toyota Allex.

Again, like the Toyota Allex, the Toyota Corolla RunX received a minor interior and exterior facelift in 2002 and 2004, with the first generation existing until 2006.




The car has a 1.5-liter engine and two engine modifications with a displacement of 1.8 liters for three modifications. In addition, each modification includes five different categories of machines. Toyota RunX is a  car with a five-door body layout and belongs to the family of models Corolla.

There are four JDM Corolla RunX trim levels: the 1500cc 1NZFE Corolla RunX X, the 1800cc 1ZZFE Corolla RunX S, the RunX Z, and the RunX Z Aero (1800cc 2ZZGE engine).

Toyota created the RunX intending to sell it in Europe. The front grille design, which has a used honeycomb metal-plated grille, is one way the RunX differs from the Allex. The RunX general design was reminiscent of the Toyota Vitz, a highly well-liked European vehicle. It included a sharply angled A-pillar, a substantial C-pillar, and side panels that gave the driver a sense of weight and solidity.

RunX is a product of what Toyota engineers call a "tall but compact" design philosophy. It has an overall length of 4175 mm and a width of 1695 mm. The height is 1470 mm. The wheelbase of 2600 mm illustrates the short overhangs that are a feature of the RunX hatch.



Performance and Engine

Both a 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter four-cylinder Toyota RunX are available for purchase in Mombasa. A 1.5-liter gasoline engine powers the X model, while a 1.8-liter petrol engine powers the S and Z variants. The S and Z trim versions come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission, while the X trim model comes with a 4-speed automatic engine.

Both the gearbox and engine have smooth operation and provide a comfortable ride in urban areas. Additionally, it offers solid performance and encourages fuel efficiency. The roads have decent traction and grip, making it quite easy to maneuver through tight spaces.

The steering is more engaging when going straight and maintains faultless stability. Additionally, it does well in this field.



Design and Interior

Many features make the interior even better; a few are discussed below.

Driver and passenger airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), automatic windows, and tinted rear glass were standard on all RunX model levels.

The RunX X was built with 14-inch steel wheels that could be upgraded to alloys, a manual air conditioner, an automatic or manual transmission, and optional side, front, and back skirting.

1. The RunX S has optional 16-inch alloy wheels, 15-inch steel wheels, an automatic or manual transmission, front fog lamps, side, front, and back skirt, and a manual or automatic climate-controlled air conditioning system (A/C).

2. The RunX Z and RunX Zero versions have automatic temperature control and 15-inch steel wheels with an optional 16-inch alloy wheel.




Toyotas RunX, on sale in Mombasa, is a well-equipped and attractively specified vehicle. It has a superior outer appearance, an enhanced interior, and reliable detailing. On the roadways, it appears to be quite established and at ease.

The exterior has a stunning appearance, with a stylish grille, fresh body color, headlights, and a front fog lamp that position it effectively. The exterior has a wholly aggressive appearance and seems to be sporty. However, it has a regular Corolla type inside. Additionally, a sunroof is an optional feature that adds to the enjoyment of the trip.

It also has several settings and features that set it apart from other products in this class. It is tall yet small, with an overall length of 4175 mm, a width of 1695 mm, and a height of 1470 mm. Additionally, it has a good 289-liter boot, which is plenty for its class. Above all, it is a well-proven, well-equipped car at a reasonable price.



Toyota RunX Models

The six models in the RunX lineup are divided into three engine sizes and four specification levels: R (baseline, only available on the 140i), RT (140i and 160i), RS (safety specification, only available on 160i), RX (luxury specification, only available on 160i), and RSi for the top-of-the-line 1.8-liter model. All variants of the 140i and 160i have five-speed manual gearboxes. There is a six-speed gearbox included in the RunX RSi.

Power steering, a transponder key immobilizer system, an r/f remote alarm, central locking with a selectable unlock function, a headlight on the buzzer, a front seat design that reduces whiplash, and a height-adjustable driver seat are all included in the lowest specification level.

Except for the RSi, all variants have 6JJ X 15 alloy wheels mounted with 195/60R15-88V tires.

On the 140i and 160i vehicles, the RT specification level is available. It adds air conditioning, an integrated radio/CD player combo with a four-speaker system, and a multi-purpose trip computer.

The RSi variant has a variety of extras, including Toyotas Optitron backlit instrument panel and all the luxury features included in the RX grade. The 6JJ x 16 alloy wheels have 195/55R16-87V tires installed.

The engine is where the RSi variant differs the most significantly. The 2ZZ-GE with VVTL-i (variable valve timing and lift) generates 180 N⋅m of torque at 6800 rpm and 141 kW at 7800 rpm. At 6800 rpm, the maximum torque is 180 N⋅m. According to Toyota, the automobile performs like a sports car yet can be used for regular use.  



How To Import To Mombasa?

You may get a Toyota RunX for sale in Mombasa in excellent condition for an incredible price, between KSh 760,000 and KSh 800,000. It is shipped to Mombasa using the most cost effective shipping option.

All types of automobiles can be imported and are subject to some charges and levies. Import duty, general consumption tax, special consumption tax, common external tariff, and environmental charge apply to imported cars.

A maintenance certificate and import entry documentation must be submitted to the Revenue Service Center to register the vehicle.

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