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Toyota Regius Zambia

  1. REGIUS 2014 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 22,621

  2. REGIUS 1997 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 5,165

  3. REGIUS 2014 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 10,242

  4. REGIUS 1999 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 3,737

  5. REGIUS 2010 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 12,766

  6. REGIUS 2001 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 6,009

  7. REGIUS 1999 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 6,563

  8. REGIUS 2000 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 10,533

  9. REGIUS 2000 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 3,330

  10. REGIUS 2014 Toyota REGIUS

    Price: USD 10,825

Toyota Regius Zambia Is A Modern Commercial Vehicles

The demand for commercial vehicles is increasing. And this increasing demand is characteristic not only for large automotive companies, whose activities are directly related to freight transport. Toyota Regius Zambia is a modern commercial vehicle, fully modernized and adapted to our roads. They are manageable and handy.


  • They are often bought by those who frequently travel or move from one place to another. In particular, the comfort of commercial vehicles is not inferior to "light vehicles."
  • It should be noted that the concept of "commercial vehicles" by itself does not always imply a bulky thing. Today in the "light" market models, such as Toyota Regius. This van seats various passengers and is designed for those who like to corporate travels as well.
  • Getting inside a van, you are immersed in a welcoming and decorated space. The fuel consumption on the petrol engine is too expensive (similar to the engines of the Land Cruiser), and of course the cost of the van too high.
  • The compact van is easy enough to handle both narrow streets and large lines. The Toyota Regius engine has two camshafts. Each version is designed for seventy liters, which allows you to travel long without refills.
  • Toyota Regius Zambia is equipped with a speedy non-auto transmission and is equipped with a left-hand drive. The maximum acceleration speed from Toyota Regius is robust, and at an accelerated speed, the vibrations are hardly felt at high speed. As for the braking system, its powerful enough mechanism reacts to slight pressure.
  • The large spacious cabin comfortably accommodates people, plus luggage. It is possible to enlarge the trunk by merely removing the rear seats, and thus you can put dimensional load there, leaving enough space for people


Toyota Regius Review

The Toyota Regius model was first introduced in the late nineties. Initially, the van was available in truck, minibus, and side body styles. Manufacturers created the vehicle for passenger transport, but the concept was also suitable for transporting goods.

It had a long wheelbase and reinforced suspension. The body style was also changed. The developers made the radiator grill smaller and placed it at the bottom. Instead of the round double headlights, single headlights were used.

The body design was made similar to the original Toyota Regius. The developers provided various wheelbase options. The radiator grille was made identical to one of the early models, and the headlights were made rectangular.

The van was released in the following body styles: station wagon, 4-door minibus, large minibus, and Regius-type minibus. The number of seats in the vans ranged from 2 to 15. The company positioned the van as a multifunctional vehicle; therefore, in some countries in America and Asia, these vans are used in taxi services and ambulances.


It became available with the extended and super-extended wheelbase in minibus and station wagon bodies. The van had a more aerodynamic shape. Besides, the design of the front of a van was changed entirely: the designers set new headlights, changed the shape of the bumpers, and position lights. The radiator grille was also updated, and rear-view mirrors were put on the van.

The saloon offers excellent soundproofing; with the windows closed, the outside noise does not interfere to assure a pleasant journey. The driving position is at a high level; besides, there is air conditioning, which will be able to heat/cool the entire interior.

There are currently seven restyling of the Regius. You feel safe, secure, and comfortable at the wheel of this van, so if you like the overall van, feel free to choose Toyota Regius. Reviews of the owners of this vehicle are mostly positive.

The floor clearance is reasonable. The outside mirrors automatically fold down from the inside and have an add-on underneath to see the sidewalk and rear axle to avoid curling and cutting rubber from the side. Accessibility to the parts is good, except for the battery, which is under the driver s feet, and accessing it is a hassle. 

The driver s seat is excellent and comfortable. The armchair of the other two is simpler, but the backrest reclines, and the assistant can sleep. The driving position is excellent and does not tire after several hours of urban travel. Accessibility is good, and it has handles on the uprights.

Specs To Test In Used Toyota Regius In Zambia

Front brakes Ventilated disc Rear brakes Disk
Compression ratio twenty-one Fuel system

Diesel Commonrail

Turbine Turbocharging (Supercharging)  Yes Cylinder position Online
Timing Belt (if required) Yes Wax Oil Under seal Yes
Power Cable Yes UK & Europe Satellite Navigation System Yes
Camping Gas Bottle Yes Valvetrain DOHC
Fuel System Multi-point injection Position of cylinders Inline

Prerequisites To Buy Used Toyota Regius In Zambia 

As stated already, "If you are planning to import used Vans, so there is no any relaxation in importing process because one has to follow the all necessary rules without any exception. You need to adhere to the docs such as Invoice/proof of purchase for the vehicle, Non-Sale Certificate, acquisition, purchase, shipment or importation of the used vehicle-related docs, Driver License, Freight statement, Letter of Transfer, Certificate of Title and Registration (Original Copy), Bill of Lading (Original Copy), International Insurance Policy and Valuation Certificate, etc.  

In the specific Road Worthiness Inspection test, different aspects are analyzed, such as tire conditions, chassis, distance coverage, lights, indicators, brakes, engine health, speed, and rust level inside or outside the vehicle."



Are there airbags inside?

The base variants have an airbag for the driver and front passenger. Likewise, at the top-of-the-range levels, a new front airbag is added for those who travel in the middle seat.


Is Toyota a Trustable Brand?

The Toyota philosophy must be respected. Their method gives them apparent results. Its products always have unique characteristics: they are not avant-garde, they do not have a disruptive design that makes you fall in love.


What about Security?

Used Toyota Regius in Zambia do not have tight engines; they do not offer cutting-edge security (but the Safety Sense system can be discovered in used ones).


Are there any quality standards?

This Van was built for the purpose of durability and maximum reliability for quality standards.


Is there any navigation system?

As additional options, buyers could receive the navigation system and the G-Book service.


Why its Demand is increasing?

The demand for used Toyota Regius in Zambia increases because commercial transportation acquires small businesses and "private entrepreneurs" who want to save on fuel.


Is there a wheelbase extended?

It became available with the extended and super-extended wheelbase.


What is its popularity Level?

Toyota Regius cars are very popular in the domestic market in Japan. Therefore the developers constantly improved the last generation; almost annually, there were improvements of the engines and extensions of the list of basic options.



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