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Comparision Between Toyota Ractis And Subaru Trezia

  1. RACTIS 2011 Subaru RACTIS

    Price: USD 2,876

  2. RACTIS 2011 Subaru RACTIS

    Price: USD 2,819

  3. TREZIA 2011 Subaru TREZIA

    Price: USD 2,609

  4. TREZIA 2013 Subaru TREZIA

    Price: ASK

  5. RACTIS 2011 Subaru RACTIS

    Price: USD 3,076

  6. RACTIS 2010 Subaru RACTIS

    Price: USD 4,571

  7. TREZIA 2011 Subaru TREZIA

    Price: ASK

  8. TREZIA 2010 Subaru TREZIA

    Price: USD 2,523

  9. TREZIA 2011 Subaru TREZIA

    Price: ASK

  10. RACTIS 2006 Subaru RACTIS

    Price: USD 1,185

The Toyota Ractis is categorized as a subcompact car manufactured by the Japanese car makers. It was a product of the collaboration between Toyota and Kanto Auto Works.  It was launched as a descendant to the Yaris Verso. The name of the vehicle has been derived after the combination of three words such as Spasce, Activity and Run.

The First Generation Of Toyota Ractis

The first generation of Toyota Ractis was released in 2005. It was available in a single body style such as five-door hatchback. It was categorized as a subcompact mini MPV. It was assembled at the Takaoka, Japan (Toyota) and Iwate, Japan (KAW).


It was exclusively available for sale at the Toyota dealership Toyopet Store. In Hong Kong the first generation Toyota Ractis was available for sale in 2009. The first generation Toyota Ractis was charged either with a 1296 cc (1.3L) or a 1496 cc (1.5L). It was solely available in Japan but with time  the vehicle became popular all around the world. It had a 4-speed automatic.

The Second Generation Of Toyota Ractis

The second-generation Ractis was released in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. it was also known as the Toyota Verso-S. It was manufactured by the Kanto Auto Works at the Iwate plant. It was available in three different models such as G, X and S models in Japan and was charged with either a 1.3L or a 1.5L engines.
With the launch of the Verso-S, the Toyota was reentered into the B-MPV segment of the Europe. The Verso-S is marked as the one car that has exterior dimensions along with the shortest overall length of an MPV in European market.

The Verso-S is offered for sale with the choice of two engines such as a 1.4-liter D-4D turbo diesel or a 1.33-liter gasoline unit. Both these engines were combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The one that is Gasoline derivative is also available as an optional Multidrive S. it was equipped with an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). It featured a 7-speed, sequential paddle shift mode. The gasoline model supply fuel economy of 5.5 lt/100 km (42.8 mpg US) whereas the diesel model supplies the 4.3 lt/100 km (54.7 mpg US). The carbon emission of the gasoline model was 127 g/km, while the diesel model had the carbon emission as 4.3 lt/100 km.


Subaru Trezia

Towards the end of 2010, Subaru revealed that a rebadged OEM model of the Toyota Ractis also known as the Subaru Trezia  this rebadged model was offered with a grille, unique bumpers, front fenders, bonnet, taillight lenses, headlights and rear finisher. The name Trezia is obtained from the English Language word “treasure”.
The car is equipped with 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE or a 1.3-liter 1NR-FE engines, combined with an automatic continuously variable transmission. The front-wheel drive is available as the entry-level layout for both engines whereas on the 1.5-liter version, the all-wheel drive is offered as an update. Subaru launched an STI tuned "Trezia STI in the beginning of the year 2011. It was released at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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