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  1. RACTIS 2011 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 2,876

  2. RACTIS 2006 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 1,185

  3. RACTIS 2009 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 1,671

  4. RACTIS 2011 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 3,076

  5. RACTIS 2013 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 3,695

  6. RACTIS 2013 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 5,076

  7. RACTIS 2010 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 4,571

  8. RACTIS 2010 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 3,285

  9. RACTIS 2011 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 3,047

  10. RACTIS 2015 Toyota RACTIS

    Price: USD 4,590

The model Ractis was from Toyota and brought to market in 2005. The minivan is the successor to the Toyota Yaris Verso and designed as a five-seater.

The First Series of the Toyota Ractis

The first series of Toyota Ractis was offered from 2005 to 2010. It has gasoline engines with a size of 1.3 and 1.5 liters, which convert up to 81 kilowatts. With a length of less than four meters, this model is suitable for the city and for the country. The Ractis is equipped with a short and stocky hood, the shape of the roof line remains straight up in the rear, the tail falls off steeply.

The Second Model of the Toyota Ractis

The second generation of the model was presented in 2008 in the market. It was equipped among other things with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, which 109 horsepower has to offer. Standard is a stepless automatic installed. This is also found in the 1.3-liter engine and when a four-wheel drive combined 1.5-liter engine. The launch of the second series was carried out in 2011. In Europe there are two identical models, the Toyota Verso-S and the Subaru Trezia available.

5 years after the launch of Toyota Ractis in Japan people saw the light of the second generation of the compact van. New Ractis fully retained and practicability of the previous generation has a more stylish look. The changes affected the power plant that combines high performance and low fuel consumption: the model is equipped with 1.3-liter engine with variable valve timing or a 1.5-liter engine combined with the CVT Active CVT. The front-wheel version with any of the engine consumes 5 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers (mode "10-15"). Modification in features different elegant accents in the interior and exterior, and «S» has a sporty character.

Specifications Ractis Car

The total length of Toyta Ractis is length 3955 mm x 1695 mm overall width x and overall height 1640 mm. whereas the Wheelbase of this classy car is around 2550 mm and weight is around 1140 kg. The car is front-wheel drive. It has the engine of 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder in-line arrangement of cylinders, the maximum power output of 110 hp at 6000 rev / min, the greatest twisting moment - 14,4 kg / m at 4400 rpm. / Min.  Moreover, the transmission is CVT Active CVT.

The Toyota Ractis car is with high arrangement, thereby forming a spacious interior and at the same time, the machine is provided by a large cargo. Pillar sharply overwhelmed ago, making the front of the car like a bullet. It has sporty appearance complements the 16-inch wheels that are completed without exception modification. It should be noted that the car of this class in Japan for the first time equipped with such large tires. Previously it used to have 16-inch wheels, but their size was 195/60 / R16. However, it should be noted, the main components of the vehicle suspension Ractis borrowed from other compact cars - Toyota Vitz, and therefore the size of the wheels always would lead to an increase in the minimum turning radius, that is, to reduce the maneuverability.

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