Toyota Premio 2010 – Aiding Fun & Plush To The Rde

  1. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,880

  2. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,260

  3. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,600

  4. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 3,360

  5. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,270

  6. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,760

  7. PREMIO 2010 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,800

Toyota Premio 2010 For Sale

Toyota Premio 2010 for sale is an all-time favorite among the broad range of customers who adore it for its fashion, comfort and practicality. It is surely akin in size to the Audi A4, Subaru Legacy Saloon, Mercedes C180, and the BMW 318i. This model is apparently the foremost adjusted of these in terms of support costs, fuel economy and unwavering quality. It represents the second generation of production series with improved details and techs. The 2010 Toyota Premio is available with 3 engine guises: The 1.5Litre 1NZ engine, the 1.8Litre 2ZR engine and the 2.0Litre 3ZR engine. All power units are mated to an automatic CVT transmission and available in both 2WD and 4WD. The 4WD options come with the 1.8L engine. It slithers effortlessly on the road courtesy to its CVT transmission and the VVT-I engine. In terms of drivability, it is a well-built car that can handle sharply around the corners, relatively better than the Allion, Belta and Axio. Overall, it is good second-hand buying option.


Model Grades & Usability

Toyota Premio 2010 for sale comes in three model grades including Toyota Premio F, Toyota Premio X, and Toyota Premio G. All models are well equipped and neatly rounded. Dimensionally, it is 4600m long, 1695mm wide and 1470mm tall, giving sufficient interior space despite compactness. It has by and large curb weight of 1140kg. The vehicle is entirely built up of strong quality material that encourages good-level reliability. It is accessible in 2WD as well as in 4W drive modes. The appearance of this car gives a comprehensive looks because it is refined with horizontally extended lines and molded side assurance. It also owns a precise taillight, including sportier position that creates it delightful like sports car. Inside, it feels like a comfortable car with well-padded seats and headrests. The resting seats with headrests truly bolster the comfort of the car. It can accommodate five passengers in relative comfort with decent headroom and legroom. There are also few useful options for storing items such as smartphones, drinks and small-sized stuff.  Coming to the boot space, it is typically same as of the saloon car. It can cater medium sized luggage including suitcases and groceries. Furthermore, the rear seats can also be folded to create extra space.


Engine Performance

Toyota Premio 2010 for sale is available with three engine choices 1.8Litre 2ZR engine, 1.5L 1NZ engine and the 2.0Litre 3ZR engine. All variants are mated to an automatic CVT transmission. All power units are refined and highly oriented for better quality ride.  This 2.0L DOHC engine is fuel efficient and powerful, provided with Continuous Variable Transmission. It churns out peak power of 109 horsepower and torque of 140Nm, claiming punchiest sprint from 0-100 km/h in 10.4 seconds. It has capability to mark the top speed of 185km/h, endowing an average combined fuel economy of 37mpg.  It has got the power to quickly propel the car under hard acceleration and its fuel economy is above average. The 1.8L engine offers a compromise between the two with its moderate power delivery and good fuel economy. It handles in sharp corners smoothly and ensures serene driving experience.


Ensuring Safety

Toyota Premio 2010 for sale ensures high safety standards for both driver and passengers. Undoubtedly, Toyota had installed the updated technological improvements in their Premio lineup, and this model is not an exception. It packs features like Radar cruise control, Lane Keeping assist, Adaptive front lighting system, automatic high beam, lane departure alert, VDIM and automatic high beam supported the passive safety. The pre-collision safety measure are also installed with the improvised technological implementation. Moreover, all these techs help to mitigate and prevent all sorts of collisions.

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