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Toyota Pixis Mega

  1. PIXIS 2018 Toyota PIXIS

    Price: USD 11,471

  2. PIXIS 2016 Toyota PIXIS

    Price: USD 11,523

  3. PIXIS 2017 Toyota PIXIS

    Price: USD 12,414

Toyota launched the Pixis Mega to offer versatility that meets the changing needs of buyers. We all know that the lifestyle has evolved with time. Car buyers in Japan are seeking automobiles that are comfortable, spacious, safe, and have classy features.

Toyota Pixis Mega is known as an A-class Japanese model having a gasoline engine. The model offers substantial storage space and a high level of comfort. The mini vehicle stands out from the rest in this category. It was launched in 2015. Since then, the Toyota Pixis review shows that the model is being liked around the world.

Toyota Pixis for sale can be easily found. You must be aware of the benefits and review of the model. It is produced by Daihatsu and sold by Toyota. This model belongs to the Pixis badge name. Buying Toyota Pixis Mega can help in gaining access to the latest member of the Pixis family.

Toyota Pixis Mega Features and Specifications

The Toyota Pixis Mega has become the most attractive mini car in Japan. It has achieved commendable attention and success in the Japanese market. The Kei car is identified as an amazing variation to the successful Pixis range. The exterior features make it appealing while the interior adds value to the model.

Interior Features

  • The interior is both spacious and convenient.
  • The height of its cabin is approximately 1,455 mm.
  • The door height is 1,700 mm that makes it easier for both the elders and children to access.
  • The minivan consists of electric sliding doors that the driver can easily monitor and control.
  • In front of the passenger s seat, a large storage tray is available.
  • A storage pocket is also present that is large and convenient for the passengers. It is located at the back of the console.
  • It is a four-seat car that is furnished with a six-speaker audio structure.
  • The car comprises different storage compartments.
  • An additional navigation system can be added.
  • The interior is designed with deluxe quality.
  • All seats are quilted and produced using fine-quality leather.
  • Different colors are used for the interior according to the body color.
  • The right-hand side of the power steering consists of an airbag that adds safety for the driver.
  • The other seats have seat belts that maximize the safety of other passengers.
  • A small cargo is present beneath the seats.
  • In addition, the model also consists of auto paddling and key locks.
  • Power window is available along with multimedia USB and Bluetooth features.

  • The Toyota Pixis Mega entails of a logically enunciated 660 cc engine.
  • It produces a torque of 52PS and 60Nm.
  • The turbocharged engine is connected to the continuously variable transmission.
  • It is linked to the possible all-wheel-drive system.
  • The car consists of a 12 valve engine that produces 58 bhp.
  • It has a stiff suspension and large shock absorbers.

    Exterior Features
  • Toyota Pixis Mega features a vertical front fascia.
  • It has a slender grille that also consists of sweptback headlights.
  • The aerodynamic fins on the mirrors increase the stability.
  • The taillights are beneficial for speed stability.
  • The exterior is simple and elegant.
  • The front side consists of a body-colored bumper.
  • The headlights consist of turning indications inside out.
  • The 13 inches tires make it compatible with bumpy roads.
  • The rear bumper also consists of 3D-looking headlights with fog lamps.

    Toyota Pixis Review

The Toyota Pixis Mega belongs to the minivans range offered by Toyota. The automaker is known for producing and selling the best 660cc cars in the world.
You can find the following two variants of Toyota Pixis:

  • Epoch Model
  • Mega Model

These are dissimilar in terms of structures and specifications. The Toyota Pixis Mega is bigger. It is van-shaped and comparatively has a more powerful engine. However, this model is not fuel-friendly.

If you are looking for Toyota Pixis Mega for sale, you must know that it is an economic option. Toyota Pixis review shows that the model provides value for money. The keyless entry and power steering make it convenient. The tinted glass and the anti-lock braking system ensure safety and comfort.

Growing up, we all have found that Toyota offers practical facilities and features. The brand ensures durability and efficiency. It is reliable, safe, and a beneficial option. Now, the automaker is adding fun variants in its models. The Toyota Pixis Mega is an example of this.

If you are searching for Toyota Pixis Mega, you can contact the Japanese dealers. The interior and exterior are well-designed considering the changing needs of customers. The body structure is also designed to ensure stable handling. You can choose from the turbo or a normally aspirated version. You can also select the AWD variant.

Further, the good thing about Toyota Pixis Mega for sale is that the model comprises eco-friendly features. It is marked as one of the eco-cars of Japan. Irrespective of the lesser size, the car features electric-slipping doors on both sides. It is also valuable for the ageing and differently-abled travelers.

The Toyota Pixis Mega review reflects that the model has been appreciated by many car enthusiasts. They consider it as one of the decent automobiles manufactured by Daihatsu. It shows that Toyota also has a funky and fun side. It is anticipated that the corporation will launch more amusing and joyous cars in the coming years. It is being sold under the OEM agreement reflecting that Toyota is trying to change its image in the market.


  1. Is it comfortable and safe to drive Toyota Pixis Mega?

    Yes, the interior and exterior of the model are designed considering the safe and reliable features.The car is spacious and has large and electric sliding doors. The auto-key feature adds more convenience. Further, the model is equipped with safety elements. It is safe to drive the minivan on bumpy roads. The model meets the safety standards set by the industry.
  2. What are the advantages of buying Toyota Pixis Mega?

    If you are looking for a spacious and elegantly designed minivan, Toyota Pixis Mega is the right choice. It is reliable, durable, and eco-friendly. The interior and exterior as well the engine and technology are highly appealing and advantageous. So, you look for Toyota Pixis for sale and get this at a good price.
  3. How many colors can I find for Toyota Pixis Mega?

    You can find this model in the following seven colors:
  • Lake Blue Metallic
  • Off Beat Khaki Metallic
  • Tungsten Gray Metallic
  • Orange Metallic
  • Black Mica Metallic
  • Laser Blue Crystal Shine
  • Plum Brown Crystal Mica

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