Toyota Passo 2009 For Sale

  1. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,825

  2. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,407

  3. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,533

  4. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 4,145

  5. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,796

  6. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,621

  7. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,883

  8. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,815

  9. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,417

  10. PASSO 2009 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,242

Toyota Passo 2009 For Sale Is A Versatile, Precise And Nice Car

Do you know, the Toyota Passo series is a versatile, precise, and nice car that developed as collaborative efforts of Toyota and Daihatsu. In other words, it can be stated that the Toyota Passo 2009 for sale is a product of well-known auto corporations. In the facilities of the latter, it is produced in series, continually and now available at used car exporter places at affordable deals. So, it can be stated that Toyota Passo is supplied not only to the domestic market but also in used car exporters deal centers via online and offline portals or centers. For a used car buyer, it is better to know, in some parts of the world i.e. Europe, this car is sold and known as "Daihatsu Sirion". After Daihatsu Cuore launched, it has become a classic in the small car segment, while the Daihatsu Charade, unveiled a short time earlier, challenged European competition in the subcompact sector. The Daihatsu Sirion or Toyota Passo 2009 for sale is its successor model, also a product by Nippon auto developer.


The Daihatsu Sirion was made exclusively in a sedan version, so it occupied a particular position in the subcompact sector from the beginning. It was also unusual that a car of this class was also available with an automatic transmission, as well as with the standard non-auto transmission. As a company specializing in the construction of small cars, the Japanese company Daihatsu, integrated into the Toyota Group with the acquisition of the majority of the shares, has been present in European markets since the late nineties. With some models such as Daihatsu Terios or Daihatsu Copen, the Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and the convertibles with a small, small format but with enormous Japanese grit, with lowerable hardtop have shown what quality means.


Luxury & Straight

To be precise, it is the buyers responsibility to do a closer look at this hatchback and explore all Toyota Passo 2009 specifications prior to conclude the deal and pay the Toyota Passo 2009 price to the dealer. The overall style and appearance of this car are standard and as per critics, it can be titled as poor. There are no protruding lines around the perimeter of the body, the simple shape of the roof, small dimensions; In a word, this is a typical city car. The front of the car with remarkably glossed restyled, but it still lacks sophistication. The modest look of the headlights and the smiling shape of the front bumper can make everyone happy; will not be ignored by passersby. And for city trips through narrow streets and traffic jams, such a car is much better suited than bulky junctions.


The interior of the car is also not different in brightness and luxury. But the visibility of the driver deserves the highest praise. Owner reviews argue that thanks to such a large glass area, you can control almost everything that happens to the sides, front, and rear. The front panel lacks expensive "under the tree" or "under the aluminum" inserts. And its surface is very angular and straight. On the one hand, here you can put a bit of a mobile phone shape or keys, but on the other hand, the obtuse angles around the perimeter of the torpedo create the impression that it was being secretly made in some garage. On the passenger side, a used car buyer can see a fairly spacious glove compartment, which is a rarity for cars in this class.


Expected Toyota Passo 2009 Specifications At Used Car Exporters

ENGINE TYPE  Naturally Aspirated Petrol
Engine Layout: Straight
Transmission: Auto
Rear Brakes: Drums
DRIVE WHEELS Front-Wheel Drive  
STEERING Rack & Pinion
GEARBOX: 4 Speed Automatic
Fuel Type: Petrol
Front Brakes: Ventilated Discs
Rear Suspension: Torsion Beam
Drive Train Type: FF
Front Suspension: Strut


Toyota Style

The three-spoke steering wheel of the car is carried out in the firm Toyota style. it is better to know, a used car buyer does not suppose to expect auto control radio buttons and climate control, are installed on its steering wheel. Please note, its column can easily be set or reset as per need. A large turntable with a small orange screen is placed in the center console. The instrument panel is also unique in its way. Here is only a large arrow showing the current speed of the car on the road. The scale itself extends across the dashboard.


Its panel is artistically developed as a half-circle and well installed as per its steering wheel size and place. In principle, is all that the Passo subcompact can surprise. Besides, a used car buyer needs to note that in its saloon in size the car is very spacious among all existing competitors. To the surprise of the public, Japanese engineers managed to create a truly comfortable car that, despite its modest size, can accommodate / people of moderate build.


On the world market, the hatchback comes with various variations of power plants. In the engine line, there are only two gasoline installations. Along with a continuously variable speed transmission. The average fuel consumption of a hatchback is well developed. Yes, in terms of efficiency, it is an undisputed leader. At Toyota Passo 2009 price, a used car buyer also incorporates its security system, an intelligent emergency braking assistant for the city, in all options supposed to available with a sequential transmission.

Customer Reviews

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