Toyota Mark X Zio – A Mixture of Sedan, MiniVan & Station Wagon

  1. WINGROAD 2003 Toyota WINGROAD

    Price: USD 714


    Price: USD 695

  3. PORTE 2007 Toyota PORTE

    Price: USD 619

  4. AZ WAGON 2008 Toyota AZ WAGON

    Price: USD 619

  5. THATS 2007 Toyota THATS

    Price: USD 523

  6. R2 2004 Toyota R2

    Price: USD 476

  7. FIT 2005 Toyota FIT

    Price: USD 638


    Price: USD 714

  9. PASSO 2008 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 600

  10. FIT 2007 Toyota FIT

    Price: USD 600

The Toyota Mark X Zio - car embodied the excellent driving performance and comfort of a sedan minivan. The body of Toyota Mark X Zio is squat wide. Purebred body variations gradually give way to more complex forms. This also applies to the new car Toyota Mark X Zio, according to the developers built as a mixture of a sedan, minivan and station wagon in accordance with all of the modern market trends. Perhaps this looks ridiculous - combine so many different genres of car, but the result is quite impressive.

Solid Design

At first glance, the car seems to be a real minivan, even it is not clear that it was taken from a sedan or bus. The design turned out to be surprisingly harmonious and complete, and the entire car as a whole looks grown-solid, even a bit snobbish. This is facilitated by the stylish "muzzle", pretty interesting front and rear optics, as well as clearance, conceals a visual sense of heaviness "inflated" body. In profile, the smooth silhouette of the car looks quite rapidly, from a short line of the bonnet, passing in the windshield, which in turn smoothly into a rounded roof.

Toyota Mark X Zio Equipment

The Mark X is equipped with a dynamic stabilization system S-VSC, side airbags and curtain airbags, as well as seats with air-WIL (provides protection against neck injury in rear impact crash). Rearview Mirrors received increased field of view and a built-in turn signal. Added a new color body panels «Light Blue Mica Metallic». The control module on the steering wheel audio player entered in the list of standard equipment.

A new sport package «Aerial» (February 2009) of Mark X Zio ,Optimized settings for engine, transmission, electric all-wheel drive models, as a result - more efficient fuel consumption. In the 10-15 car consumes 8.2 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers (previously - 8.3 liters). Japanese car corresponds to the standards of fuel consumption for the year 2010, thus reduced by 50% purchase tax and the tax on weight for the front-drive model with a 2.4-liter engine. In December 2009 the Optimized settings for engine, transmission, power generator on monoprivodnom version 2.4-liter model results more efficient fuel consumption. In the 10-15 car consumes 7.6 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers (previously - 7.8 liters). A new grade "240 Five Style» - this is a five-seat version with a big boot. (July 2010).

Toyota Crossover Mark X ZiO

In the Japanese market, began selling the new model Toyota - crossover Mark X ZiO, created on the basis midsize sedan Mark X. The set of configuration options allow interior ZiO immersed in the most different kinds of luggage. Crossover comes with 2, 4- or 3, 5-liter engine and gearbox can be sequential or 6-speed automatic. Mark X ZiO equipped with a host of electronic security, including the Pre-Crash, coordinated control mechanism cruise control, brake force distribution system and seat belts. Features also include adaptive headlights, parking sensors, GPS-navigator with a hard drive, camera monitoring "blind spots" and much more.

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