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Toyota Kluger vs Toyota Prado - The Separately Struggle SUVs

  1. KLUGER 2002 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 5,640

  2. KLUGER 2001 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 5,450

  3. KLUGER 2004 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 5,490

  4. KLUGER 2003 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 4,320

  5. KLUGER 2002 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 5,040

  6. KLUGER 2001 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 4,770

  7. KLUGER 2005 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 4,790

  8. KLUGER 2005 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 4,000

  9. KLUGER 2006 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 4,460

  10. KLUGER 2003 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 4,610

Toyota Motor Corporation has been in market since 1937 manufacturing a number of vehicles across globe. As it holds a percentage of shares in Daihatsu, Fuji Heavy Industries, Isuzu and Tesla; so diversity of experience in same industry is a unique combination very few have. That is the reason, it faces internal competition too. The fight to gain market share in comparison to its sibling is a challenge for a number of vehicles from Toyota. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is one of such vehicle that faces competition from its 14 years young sibling Toyota Kluger.

Both the vehicles have approximately the same market in the global arena, yet the difference is still there.

Body Layout

The Toyota Kluger is a midsize crossover that shares platform with sedan body Toyota Camry. It was basically introduced in the year 2000, approximately 14 years after the first production of Toyota Prado. Being a new option, it had greater expectations in terms of technology and overall body updates. The Toyota Kluger has the latest unibody chassis that reduces the cost of production and has the overall body becomes light weight. The Toyota Prado on the other hand is based on body on frame, with independent frame mounted to a rigid frame. It makes the vehicle heavy weight bringing in better grip on road.   


The performance of both vehicles is at high level. The right combination of acceleration and brake gives more command on road. The suspension and brakes are made up to date, having changes as according the changing era. The vehicle dimension plays a crucial role in it that is well managed in both Toyota Kluger and Toyota Prado. The weight transfer management is best managed through the load on wheel. The engineering of wheel is done in manner that the front two wheels especially are quiet balanced. Being four wheel drives the performance is carefully considered for off road efficiency and both wheels have satisfactory rating in the eyes of customers who drive either of the two.


The safety is maximized with options like Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control.  The Anti-lock Braking System is fully functional in both Toyota Kluger and Toyota Prado. The basic purpose of this function is to manage the tractive contact with the road. When brakes are put; in many cases the wheel lock leading to slip of the vehicle on road can happen. In order to prevent that, ABS work quiet fine. The Electronic Brake-force Distribution is an automobile technology that manages the force applied to each vehicle brake in manner that no matter what the condition of road might be; the varying speed and loading is well managed. It always works with ABS to maximize stopping power in all wheels. The Traction Control is the secondary function of EBD that helps in balancing engine torque and throttle input.
Hence Toyota Kluger is latest as compare to Toyota Prado, though both SUVs bring in their own advantages. The two SUVs make way in the heart individually, having two separate customer chunk catered to perfection.


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