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Toyota Kluger 2007

  1. KLUGER 2007 Toyota KLUGER

    Price: USD 5,550

History of the Toyota Kluger

For the first time a new crossover model was shown at the New York Auto Show in early 2000. Other than Japan, the car is known under a different name – Toyota Highlander.

Technical Features Toyota Kluger 2007

Toyota Kluger is equipped with the same powerful and efficient engines, which made popular worldwide crossovers sold under the Toyota-owned high-end brand Lexus. Main engines, which were completed Kluger cars of the first generation (until 2007), three, and one of them four, and the other two are built on the scheme V6. The most powerful of them is 3MZ-FE 3.3 liter capacity, which develops 225 horsepower. Volume four-cylinder engine 2AZ-FE is also quite large - 2.7 liters - that allows owners of Kluger, equipped with the "quartet" not to feel a significant loss in dynamics compared to the more powerful version.

Kluger with a three-liter 1MZ-FE V6 accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.8 seconds and complete with engine 3.3 liters, this figure is still less than a second. 3.3-liter engine is installed in Kluger since 2004; the car did not seem "slow" compared to the more powerful Infinity FX and other cars of the same class. In this case, with the 3.3-liter for fuel economy in a couple of engine installed new five-step "automatic" that provides significant fuel savings.

Safety Features

Toyota cars of medium and high-end always, a large amount of active safety devices and Kluger are no exception. In addition to the ABS system in the first-generation Kluger base modification in 2004 there was a stabilization system combined with traction control, tire pressure sensors with readout on the display, front and side airbags in the area of the driver and passengers. As an option, you can purchase a set of pads for door pillars and cushions for the rear passengers. Since 2007, all the airbags have become an indispensable element and sensor electronics replenished coup car responsible for operation of the upper and side airbags.


Interesting Facts About Toyota Kluger 2007

In 2012, Toyota reported a decrease in the cost model Kluger for the Russian market. The price of new cars declined significantly - by more than 200 thousand rubles. This was made possible thanks to the withdrawal of the basic equipment of a number of options: the third row of seats, roof rails, leather-trimmed seats, three-zone climate control, and so.

Pros and Cons of Toyota Kluger 2007

Toyotas V6 engines in general, and a model that comes with Kluger, in particular, are extremely high levels of efficiency. For example, the average consumption in mixed cycle Kluger four-wheel drive, four-automatic transmission and air conditioning 12 liters per 100 kilometers. This causes the other owners of cars with engines V6 of 3 liters or more surprisingly the figure achieved by the use Toyota engines on large Multivalves scheme (24 valve) and proprietary control system of variable valve timing VVT-i. In version 3.3-liter engine with the difference in fuel consumption is practically not observed, as in the configuration with the engine installed on the five-speed automatic transmission Kluger.

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