Toyota IST – The Unique Gift!

  1. IST 2003 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 1,950

  2. IST 2005 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,000

  3. IST 2005 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,250

  4. IST 2002 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,130

  5. IST 2002 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 1,820

  6. IST 2003 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,000

  7. IST 2004 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,120

  8. IST 2002 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,080

  9. IST 2003 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 2,000

  10. IST 2002 Toyota IST

    Price: USD 1,950

The IST is an innovative and creative product of Toyota Motors Corporation. The corporation has been ruling the automotive industry for years through its remarkable and totally amazing products and solutions that customers find relevant to their lives. From mini cars to subcompact and tough vehicles all are sold under the brand name and has strong market standing across the globe. IST started off its production in Japan and was sold under the name of scion xA and scion xD. The car took its name originally from the suffix term that means unique gift, talent or capability. The features, design and engineering excellence assures that the vehicle does justice with the name and is surely a unique gift for the end users. Therefore many dealers offer used IST for sale at reasonable prices.

Transformation over Years

The first generation model of the vehicle was constructed keeping in mind Toyota vitz hatchback. The design and exterior body had the adaptation and flexibility of large suv’s along with better fuel efficiency and uncompromised economy. The varying versions were launched between the era of 2001 to 2006 and targeted initially towards the young drivers and learners.

The starting years of inception witnessed strong competition from Honda fit and March by Nissan Motors Corporation. With its successful production and marketing, the first generation models were used extensively as the police car by the police department. After the first generation models, the vehicle had to undergo another transformation in its design and manufacturing to launch and release in the market an uplifted second generation product. The up gradation deemed to increase demand and sales in the market across the globe. The target market was expanded to professional drivers with provision of greater functioning in the car.  

Urban Cruiser of Today!

The latest Toyota IST is fitted with five doors for convenient entry and exit of the driver and passengers. The gauges have been positioned nearer to the driver for easy accessibility while driving. The front presentation and fascia has been completely changed for a brand new look and feel. The vehicles efficiency and economy has been improved with four speed automatic ECT and CVT engine and mated along with 2460 mm long wheelbase, 1210 kilograms of curb weight, 175 mm ground clearance, 5.3 meters turning radius and 45 liters of fuel tank capacity. The electronic fuel injection system makes use of unleaded regular gasoline, 10.5 compression ratio, 75 mm bore and 6.6 liters fuel consumption over the distance of 100 kilometers. The urban cruiser delivers amazing performance over smooth and bumpy driveways and assures exciting driving experience for its driver and passengers.  

The Finest and Superior Equipment

Toyota Motors Corporation employs the best of engineers and experts to design it automotive parts and solutions. Toyota IST has been formulated with the interior and exterior equipment that includes automatic air conditioning system, centralized locking, leathered wheel, safety features, seat belt provision and optional car navigation system. the exterior body and interior carries contrasting shades like metallic silver,  blue mica and white pearl mica that goes well along.

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