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  1. HILUX 2014 Toyota HILUX

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  2. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 29,946

  3. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 19,870

  4. HILUX 2015 Toyota HILUX

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  5. HILUX 2016 Toyota HILUX

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  6. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 28,911

  7. HILUX 2014 Toyota HILUX

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  8. HILUX 2016 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 20,881

  9. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 19,870

  10. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 31,326

Do You Know As A Toyota Hilux Active For Sale Driver, Hilux Is Considered As Best-Selling Pick-Up

Toyota Hilux is an off-road pick-up that has been produced for decades and Toyota Hilux active for sale is a part of its innovation process. The name “Hilux” is a contraction of the words “High Luxury”, almost a declaration of intent for this high-end pick-up. The first series, built at Hino Motors (Toyota heavy vehicle division), is offered first with a short wheelbase, then a long one, with a short cab, front engine and rear wheel drive. The engines vary according to the markets in which the model is proposed, with larger displacements for North America. The second series is better finished and more spacious. The series follow one another with various modifications up to the seventh and the eighth.


Attentive To Aesthetics

Toyota Hilux is the most popular pick-up in the world and is now a little more attentive to aesthetics, dominated by a large front grille with chrome elements and front light clusters with horizontal development. The current generation is also well finished in the interior and from the point of view of comfort, like an SUV. Imported with a single, powerful engine, Toyota Hilux can move with ease on any type of road surface. The traction is rear, but in the four-wheel drive versions you can insert the "front" when the road conditions require it.


The model is available both in the “work” version, with a set- up rather Spartan, than in a more luxurious five-seater version, suitable for leisure activities.Equipped with every comfort a modern SUV can count on, including many passive and active safety features, the Toyota Hilux is able to tackle any type of road with confidence thanks to its precise steering and well-designed suspension. In the double cabin version, the habitability is more than good for five occupants. A Point to note, a used car buyer supposed to ask every necessary aspect at used car exporter places because in used one, specific parts and add-ons could be altered or broken; so, it is better to analyze used car deeply prior to pay price; if a buyer is novice; so, it is better to contact experts to analyze desired car.


A Brief Overview About Toyota Hilux Active For Sale

Combined MPG: 39.80mpg

Fuel: Diesel

Transmission: MANUAL

Max power: 145bhp

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5330 x 1855 x 1815 mm

CO2: 185g/km

Driven wheels: 4WD

Top speed: 106mph

Weight: 2,080kg

ISOfix: No



To mark the transition, Hilux is fitted with a nice pair of additional eyes in the lower part of the bumper with the function of fog lights; it is dressed in elegant colors and mounts an air intake on the hood. It is not a low quality like certain split exhausts that hides a skinny exhaust, but a real need dictated by the presence of a new, more efficient intercooler that the Hilux engines are equipped with.


To be precise, a toyota hilux active price payer need to aware, Hilux is considered as The best-selling Pick-Up in Europe, launched in Japan and in Europe, has dominated the Commercial Vehicle scene for nearly half a century thanks to its extraordinary characteristics in terms of quality, durability and reliability.


Now offered to the general public in three different variants: Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab, the Toyota Hilux is renewed in almost all the salient aspects. In fact, thematic areas have benefited from some important interventions with the arrival of this eighth generation: a refined robust and resistant design, comfort and habitability worthy of an SUV, a reinforced and wider cargo floor, a new, more economical engine, a new stronger QDR chassis and increased active and passive safety.

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