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Toyota Harrier 4WD – An Authentic Choice For SUV Lovers

  1. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 24,855

  2. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 26,317

  3. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 23,413

  4. HARRIER 2007 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 3,807

  5. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 25,788

  6. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 17,365

  7. HARRIER 2016 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 22,221

  8. HARRIER 2018 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 28,355

  9. HARRIER 2007 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 6,586

  10. HARRIER 2005 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 4,288

Toyota Harrier 4WD For Sale

Toyota Harrier 4WD for sale is a classy SUV that has its own identification and class in the lineup. It is a sportier designed vehicle which imparts the stage to RAV4 and Lexus NX. It was named after a predatory animal Harrier, which speaks to the class of this SUV. This vehicle has sportier position comprising of wedge-molded that gives it intense and alluring looks. The cuneate state of SUV gives incredible appearance on urban streets, offering an excellent and lavish drive. It is given progressed and cutting edge highlights which convey delicate and smooth ride. It is completely stacked with particular highlights and characteristics that makes it solid and nimble entertainer. The vehicle conveys quality and delicate ride, making it an exhaustive urban cruiser. It looks intense and ultramodern tastefully, speaking to numerous purchasers. With the sportier planning and case, it takes after Lexus NX. The refinement is up to the mark that ensures smooth running and mobility. Above all, it is best of the running machines in this range.


Key Specs

Toyota Harrier 4WD for sale has a wedged-shape body and a sporty interior which combines ruggedness and practicality. It is the most adaptable vehicle, giving roomy lodge in addition to protected and agreeable in all the ways. It is a sturdily manufactured vehicle. Marvelous specifying, tough styling, agreeable inside and phenomenal refinement are the genuine qualities. It tenders no non-sense practicality and develop unwavering quality. It gives energetic intrigue to the fans, as it is worked with premium quality material that feels secured and more ergonomic than run of the mill SUVs. This Harrier depicts a strong and hearty appearance, because of the complemented styling and forward inclining quarter column. Dimensionally, this vehicle is 4720mm long, 1830mm wide and 1690mm tall. The wheelbase measurement remains at 2660m. This expedient SUV offers gear limit of 440 liters and furthermore the agreeable seats including space for leg and head. This is not just the open yet additionally dependable and most secure vehicle for families. It can accommodate five grown-ups in relative comfort with plenty of room to stretch out. It is offered with abundant highlights and features that look pleasantly organized and perform exceptionally well. For protection of passengers, it is packed with anti-lock braking system, vehicle stability control, airbags, climate control, reverse sensor and traction control as standard. In addition, it is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense-P package which includes pre-crash safety system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure assist and high beam. All in all, it ensures great level safety on the go.


Spirited Performance

Toyota Harrier 4WD for sale is a punchy performer, being the highly efficient hauler in the lineup. It executes good road manners and strikes a fine balance of performance and stability. For propulsion, it is powered by 2.0L turbocharged engine that produces net power of 227 horsepower and torque of 350Nm. It delivers exceptional acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 7.3 seconds and claims top speed of 180km/h. The latest model also includes hybrid setup that generates 149 horsepower and torque of 193Nm. In addition, it comes equipped with ECO setting that offers light-weighted steering and powerful engine, assisting you to avoid traffic. It feels agile and effortless with 4WD powertrain. This vehicle offers soundless ride experience and better quality ride. It is easy to handle, and the brakes offer throttle response. It ensures best driving experience and soothing comfort on the go.



Toyota Harrier 4WD for sale is a strongest contender in the lineup of SUVs. It is a rock-hard vehicle with definite attributes that meet the driving credentials exceptionally. Overall, this vehicle has the separate fan base in the whole sector.

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