Harrier 240G - The Gracious SUV


While the trend of switching the drive to SUV is growing faster, it has begun a strong competition among manufacturers to attract the customers towards its product. Although various vehicles have been introduced in the market, the presence of Toyota Harrier 240G is exceptional. It is definitely a first-class SUV which offers comfortable and nice driving experience. It is C-segment SUV that attracting customers through its powerful strength and balanced mobility. This vehicle is more befitting to urban lifestyle, and it has become an ideal vehicle for family use. It is equipped with excellent level equipment, making it a perfect cruiser. Despite its large size and huge appearance, it is agile in handling and maneuverability around the town. It engages dynamic driving experience with peak comfort level that gives an exemplary drivability. This vehicle has earned a lot of respect and appreciation globally, giving a positive feedback about its performance. It comes in front-wheel as well as in all-wheel-drive configurations, equipped with powerful engine unit that returns good fuel economy and high-riding performance. Moreover, it is a great fun to drive with luxurious features and top specs that ultimately increase the driving pleasure.


Elegant Body

This compact SUV was first launched in 1997, which was later rebadged as Lexus RX. This vehicle is currently living in the fourth generation that was unveiled in 2015. Toyota Harrier 240G for sale is built on the same platform of RAV4 and Vanguard. However, it has 2660mm longer platform than two crossover cousin, but it shares same ground clearance of 190mm. This version of Harrier is shaper and wild in looks and gives an eye-catching appearance in black tone color. In total, there are 5 models of this version which are 2.4G, 2.4G Moonroof (A), 2.4GL (A) 2.4GL Moonroof (A) and 2.4L Premium (A). They all are almost same in designing and body structure; just there is the difference of some additional features. The exterior of this vehicle features a bird logo on the front grill and the logo Lexus RX300 instead of 240G. It consists of scuff plates on drivers and passengers side. It also has sports rim and alloys wheel, giving it an appealing look. The interior is also spacious and comfortable enough, providing luxurious and comfy feelings on the go. It provides seating capacity for five passengers, including sufficient headroom and legroom. This vehicle also provides a respectable boot space of 440 liters. It is also given with extra cubby holes to store valuable item. Overall, it is given with high-level amenities and top specs that make the ride enjoyable and exhilarating.



Toyota Harrier 240G for sale offers improved performance and great functionality on the go. It is equipped with a classy power unit and features that outperform the rivals in the lineup. This five-door SUV is mounted with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, mated to four-speed automatic transmission. The engine is capable to generate a peak power of 160 horsepower and torque of 221Nm, supplying sufficient power to drive train for the smooth run. Except for engine, the fine-tuned suspension is also provided that enables the luxurious ride, even when you are off-roading. It is given with functional and responsive four-wheel disc brakes to give a better quality performance. In addition, it is provided with-lock Braking System, Vehicle Stability Control, 7 Airbags, Climate Control, Reverse Sensor and Traction Control as standard. It is also incorporated with Toyota’s Safety Sense-P features like adaptive cruise control, pre-crash safety system, lane departure assist, and high beam, which enables the safest journey in urban driving.


Moreover, it is affordable to purchase and run as you can buy a used Toyota Harrier 240G at the minimum price of 7000USD. Hence, it is a better option to drive rather than buying sedans or premium brands SUV.

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