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Toyota Corolla Gt – Maximum Comfort And Higher Quality

  1. COROLLA 2018 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 11,516

  2. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,920

  3. COROLLA 2004 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 4,920

  4. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 3,200

  5. COROLLA 2004 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 4,380

  6. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,920

  7. COROLLA 2005 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 5,560

  8. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 18,570

  9. COROLLA 2021 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 20,340

  10. COROLLA 2021 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 17,950

The Car Toyota Corolla gt is a symbol of reliability since 1966, which is constantly being improved to meet and exceed the expectations of millions of drivers around the world.

With 4-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive of the Toyota Corolla GT is available with an output of 121 PS (89 kW). As fuel is premium gasoline available. The Toyota has a manual transmission. The four-seat sports coupe GT is the successor of the set 2005 Toyota Celica and competes in this country with the Peugeot RCZ. Since the Toyota corolla is relatively new to the market, it is sold primarily as a new car.

Toyota Corolla Gt The Toyota corolla GT is fitted as standard with ESP and ABS, and optionally with automatic or manual transmission (6 gears) to have. For an additional charge 18-inch complete wheel, a parking aid, heated seats or leather seat equipment are included. The name of the fly weight (around 1180 kilos) is based on the Toyota Corolla, which was also a lightweight. The Toyota corolla gt has, incidentally, with the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S to the two nearly identical brothers, with the Scion FR-S is available only in North America. All three cars only differ in little things in the interior and the body.

The 4-seater has a gasoline engine with a displacement of 1576 cc, 4-cylinder split. The power is 91 kW (124 hp). In 9.0 s is thus accelerates to 100 km / h. Another possibility is a top speed of 195 km / h. Toyota indicates an average fuel consumption of 0.0 l / 100 km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of (n) g / km. In order for the car Toyota Corolla 16V GT (hotline) in the CO2 efficiency class (n) is classified. The car offered four cylinder engines with the capacity of 1,576 cm and maximum performance of 91kw (124 ps).

Toyota corolla gt is an elegant style sedan, excellent aerodynamics and interior design cult. Today, the legendary Corolla gt reflects the quality premium, both outside and inside. The spacious interior, comfortable seats, innovative technologies allow for new ways to experience the pleasure of driving. Toyota Corolla is recognized as the winner in the C segment with the highest sale price in the secondary market. The new Corolla united a great aerodynamics and elegance. A spectacular front end with low-lying radiator grille gives the car a confident and sporty look.

Behind the wheel of the Corolla gt comfort and inner peace are with you on any trip. The interior of the Corolla used carefully selected materials and sophisticated style, is rightly become a cult, evident in every detail. The instrument panel is complemented by a glossy black details and blue light and soft, pleasant to the touch gives the interior cabin comfort.

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