Toyota Celica OR Toyota Supra - Which One Is Better

  1. SUPRA 2020 Toyota SUPRA

    Price: USD 70,631

  2. CELICA 1984 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 16,106

  3. SUPRA 1988 Toyota SUPRA

    Price: USD 53,883

  4. CELICA 1982 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 15,854

  5. SUPRA 2019 Toyota SUPRA

    Price: USD 55,766

  6. SUPRA 1995 Toyota SUPRA

    Price: USD 24,000

  7. CELICA 2004 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 5,388

  8. CELICA 2002 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 5,485

  9. SUPRA 1989 Toyota SUPRA

    Price: USD 13,009

  10. SUPRA 2020 Toyota SUPRA

    Price: USD 70,145

Toyota Motors Corporation has been setup with a certain philosophy and values. The main principles that have made the corporation a leader today are faithfulness to the duties, creativity that excels in every aspect, innovations that are practical and sensible, homelike atmosphere at work, respect for spiritual matters and patience during all times. The guiding principles have brought company the unwavering success ever since its inception. The company is headquartered in Japan and employees thousands of people from all across the globe to manufacture cars for customers all around the globe.

Independent Celica and Supra!

The celica and supra was meant for enthusiast drivers and adventurous passengers. The brand featured powerful six cylinder engines, luxurious equipment, long and toyota celicadetailed wheelbase, retractable headlights, independent suspensions and aggressive flare to wheels. The vehicle enjoyed success on roads to great extent but not long after the overlapping was experienced in fourth generation model series. The corporation at that point of time took a bold decision to make celica and supra both independent models and target at different customer groups. Celica was given the personality of front wheel drive and supra as rear wheel drive and hence the Toyota lineup got extended. The basic differences between the two versions are discussed below.

Fuel Economy – City and Highway

Celica is classified as sub compact car and supra is referred to as the mini compact car. The fuel economy city is 29 mpg for celica and 18 mpg for supra. Fuel economy highway is 35 mpg and 23 mpg for celica and supra respectively.

Chassis and Dimensions (Inches)

toyota supraThe chassis dimensions of both versions are meant to provide spaciousness and comfortable feel of the vehicle. The interior dimensions for celica are 47.8 hip room, 52.4 front shoulder room, 29.2 second head room, passenger capacity sufficient for four, front legroom 43.1 and passenger volume 78.4 cubic feet. Whereas the interior dimensions for supra are 42.5 hip room, 54.2 front shoulder room, 32.9 second head room, passenger capacity sufficient for four, front legroom 44.0 and passenger volume 69.0 cubic feet. The brake type for both is power with front disc. Automatic brake system is applicable is supra four wheel drive and not for celica. The wheel material quality front and rear is steel for celica and aluminum for supra.

Engine Specifications

Celica and supra has engine parameters of 105 horsepower at the rate of 5200 RPM and 220 horsepower at the rate of 5800 RPM respectively. Celica engine type is gas 14 and supra’s gas 16 with electronic fuel injection system for both. The fuel tank capacity in liters is 15.9 for celica and 18.5 for supra with engine displacement of 1.8 liters and 3.0 liters. The engineering power excellence has been carefully managed for a convenient, smooth and efficient drive over short and longer distances. Rear suspension type is Macpherson strut for celica and independent and double wishbone for supra. Based on engine specifications the performance is rated as 12.7 on the scale of 20 for celica and 13.5 out of 20 for supra.


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