Toyota Celica For Sale In Kenya

  1. CELICA 1995 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 4,058

  2. CELICA 1990 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 17,864

  3. CELICA 2001 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 7,087

  4. CELICA 1998 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 5,029

  5. CELICA 2000 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 4,213

  6. CELICA 1991 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 27,572

  7. CELICA 2004 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 4,349

  8. CELICA 1999 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 5,019

  9. CELICA 2001 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 2,737

  10. CELICA 1984 Toyota CELICA

    Price: USD 15,815

The Toyota Celica was produced by Toyota from 1970 to 2006, during which it went through seven generations. The Celica name was derived from the Latin word coeliac, which meant heavenly or celestial. The Celica came fitted with different kinds of four-cylinder engines throughout its production and was available in different body styles such as liftbacks, coupés, convertibles, and notchback coupés. The word liftback was first used by Toyota to describe the Celica fastback hatchback. The Celica won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award in 1976.


We recommend the 2005 model if you are looking for a Toyota Celica for sale in Kenya to buy as your personal use car. This is because the 2005 Celica is sporty and has a stylish look. This version is faster than the previous models of the Celica and gives a fast performance with agility. The car has a cab-forward shape which has extremely stylish racecar design elements to it. It has sharp edge panels, a tall tail, a lowered front fascia, and a curvy dramatic look. The GT-S trim delivers high performance and proves to be quick and nimble on the roads with its responsive steering and tight suspension. In the 2005 model, Toyota has removed the standard cassette player on the Celica, but it now comes with a premium audio system from JBL.



The 2005 Toyota Celica comes in a front-drive option and is a two-door hatchback that comes with two trim options. The GT trim has a better price but runs short on the features list. It comes with standard features like a CD player and air conditioning, with optional add-ons including power windows and locks, rear wiper, and cruise control. On the GT-S trim, these features are all standard. The GT-S has more horsepower, bigger brakes, fog lamps, a JBL sound system, sports pedals, alloy wheels, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Both trims allow you to upgrade to the 16-inch alloy wheels, leather seats, a sunroof, keyless entry, high-intensity discharge headlamps, and a rear wing. The Action Package allows you to add more sporty enhancements to the Celica body.



The GT trim is fitted with a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder dual-overhead-camshaft engine which gives a horsepower of 140 and a torque of 125 lb-ft. The GT-S trim has a more powerful engine with its 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that produces a horsepower of 180 and a torque of 122 lb-ft. The GT version has a standard five-speed manual gearbox, while the GT-S has a six-speed manual. The four-speed automatic transmission is optional on both trim levels. The GT-S comes with E-shift steering wheel-mounted buttons that allow the driver to shift manually.


Safety features:

The GT trim is equipped with front disc/rear drum brakes, while the GT-S models are fitted with a full set of discs. Both models have the option of adding antilock brakes and side-impact airbags for further safety.



The performance of the Celica proves to be top-notch in terms of its suspension, braking, and steering, which allow for superb handling. There is minimal body roll, and the car can accelerate with ease. The GT-S gives more performance than comfort however, but it is worth it for its road capabilities.



The Celica has a stylish and functional interior, with enough space for two adults to sit comfortably with all their gear. The dashboard has a simple design and is fitted with big analog gauges. The bucket seats lend a sporty look, and the pedals have a faux-drilled metal look, and the interior is swathed with stylish metallic silver accents to add to the sporty ambiance.


Materials are not of the highest quality, but the car allows for ample space. The center console can hold up to eight CD cases and two large cups. The rear seats prove to be quite humble for passengers, but can easily store cargo. These features make it exciting to find out the Toyota Celica price in Kenya and get this car for your personal needs.



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