Toyota Caldina- The Optimized Wagon

  1. CALDINA 2006 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 1,470

  2. CALDINA 2004 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 980

  3. CALDINA 2005 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 1,440

  4. CALDINA 2003 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 750

  5. CALDINA 1999 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 1,840

  6. CALDINA 2006 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 570

  7. CALDINA 2001 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 6,280

  8. CALDINA 2007 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 1,530

  9. CALDINA 2003 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 5,020

  10. CALDINA 1997 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: USD 7,760

Toyota is the expert in automobile industry, and has the number 1 position in Japan in terms of Automobile manufacturing. Toyota Caldina is an automobile that has been released in 1992, and ended in 2007. In tenure of 15 years, it has worked on providing quality experience with style. Distributed in three generations Toyota Caldina covers the following two aspects to perfection:

Toyota Caldina - The Technical Side

The vehicle has been manufactured in T19 chassis having the 2.0L and 1.8L option to support. The 5 door option of station wagon and van was initially spacious enough though this was a low frill version. It came as both Petrol and Diesel version with the fuel economy and towing enhanced.

The T21 brought in 1.8 L, 2.0 L and 2.2 L displacement from 1997 to 2002, while the T24 Toyota Caldina used car of today came as a 2.0L and 1.8L respectively. The Turbo diesel option boosted speed to a new level, with other specs like All Wheel Drive and tip-tronic engine to fully enhance the driving experience. Toyota Caldina gt4 is also available with marvelous features.

The Experience

The inside and outside is fully loaded with features that generate class of experience. The exterior is provided with Alloy Wheels acting as an image booster, Roof Rail working for luggage carriage ease and lighting on rear/front to illuminate vehicle to a new level. The interior is provided with Power through Power Window and Power Steering making the driver in command of the Toyota Caldina.

The safety is at the best with Anti-lock Braking System, Traction Control and Air Bags to support. The comfort happened to perfection with color scheming for soothing effect with fine placement of seats to further optimize the process.

The combination of both technicality and experience makes Toyota Caldina sales multiply, and as used car the true potential have been extracted to the fullest.

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