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  1. BELTA 2005 Toyota BELTA

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  3. BELTA 2010 Toyota BELTA

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  4. BELTA 2009 Toyota BELTA

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  5. BELTA 2009 Toyota BELTA

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  6. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

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Toyota Belta is the successor to the discontinued Toyota Platz sedan and is the broader version of Corolla. Its production started in the end of 2005 with the high spirit of Toyota coming by default. The most successful models include Toyota Belta 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007. It is called Toyota Yaris in North America and Australia while the South Asia knows it as Toyota Vios. Toyota Belta has huge demand in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica, Myanmar and many other countries.

The Toyota Belta has the unique position of being the subcompact sedan that is designed, assembled and sold in Japan with no direct competition in domestic market. The review highlights the following points:


Features / Specifications Of Toyota Belta

toyota beltaThe features and specifications of Toyota Belta is mixed together to provide quality experience on the go. The exterior is made attractive enough with the Alloy Wheels, Roof Rail and lights. The Alloy Wheels provide indirect support to tires with designing that magically enhance look of the car. The Roof Rail work in a way that additional luggage is carried with ease with rail giving tough look by default. The headlights and taillights work together to illuminate road to a new level with night fogy drive facilitated.


Color Scheming

The color scheming of the exterior is not limited to general ones like white, silver and black. The lively colors available includes red, blue, green and yellow that gives this car a unique attire. The interior of Toyota Belta is colored dark in the form of black or light in the form of beige. The interior is synchronized with overall features to give a unified feel. 


Economytoyota belta

The Toyota Belta fuel consumption is premium with different engines to support. The lowest displacement is 1000 CC 1KR-FE, then it is 1300 CC 2NZ-FE and 2SZ-FE with the highest one of 1500 CC in 1NZ-FE. All the engines were available in inline 4 technology with straight 4 cylinders in line. As these are the cars made keeping the economy of fuel in mind, so the displacement size are accordingly.

The automatic transmission further gives the modern taste of experience without the need to much of human intervention followed by manual transmission. The manual transmission gives the typical feel with quality enhanced, that has been the true essence of drive since beginning. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) further gave unlimited gear ratios that bring fuel efficiency in low cost. Everyone is satisfied through this car, because of transmission experience diversity.

Toyota Belta is also economical when we have price comparison, making it a small vehicle ruling large number of hearts.

Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Belta is about 39 MPG.



Toyota Belta Price ranges from $ 1500 to $ 7000 depending upon condition, model and mileage.



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