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Toyota Belta Review – Here’s What You Need To Know

  1. BELTA 2007 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,136

  2. BELTA 2008 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,182

  3. BELTA 2009 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,236

  4. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 4,010

  5. BELTA 2007 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,355

  6. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 5,080

  7. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,170

  8. BELTA 2007 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 3,880

  9. BELTA 2010 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,536

  10. BELTA 2008 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,236

Toyota Motors Corporation is an opulent and modern automobile manufacturer that has developed some of the greatest automobiles. The organization has been acknowledged and honored several times for its innovative solutions and inclusion of cutting-edge technology. The firm is responsible for developing and selling popular and preferred lines and ranges, which have generated substantial income and profit for all stakeholders.

The Toyota Belta is the most inspirational offerings of the company.  Its 2007 model has piqued the curiosity and awe of many in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Toyota Belta for sale in Ghana is a sedan variant of the Toyota Yaris, one of our all-time favorite cars. It shares the Vitz underpinnings, including the drivetrain and platform. This vehicle is well-known for its dependability and safety ratings, giving it an excellent value for money. Although it is somewhat compact, the cabin is surprisingly big.

It is equipped with a plethora of features and simple-to-use controls that contribute to a more pleasant journey. The primary reason for its popularity is its low operating costs and low purchasing price. It is equipped with various engine choices, all of which produce impressive performance and fuel economy.

Used Toyota Belta provides a higher-quality ride and maintains a strong presence while on the go. In general, it is a cost-effective driving companion.



1. Ride quality

2. Safety features

3. Ample cargo space


1. Expensive to maintain

2. Steering malfunction


Toyota Belta Review


Changes Through Generations

Customers have highly praised and evaluated the Toyota Belta series for its capabilities and possibilities on and off-road. The models are the product of years of research, expansion, and alteration. Among the impressive characteristics of the original Toyota Belta were its powerful engine size, which ranged from 1 to 1.5 liters, manual and automatic gearbox, and a 2550 mm wheelbase for better handling on highways and four doors for driver and passenger convenience. The Japanese designers created and styled the model.



The cars look does not deviate much from that of ordinary automobiles. The only fascinating feature is that it is unclear why the required cilia on the tops of the side mirrors and headlights are made of plastic. Because they carry no practical or cosmetic weight, the majority of owners simply remove them. The ventilation systems cabin air vents do not resemble the protruding eyes of the frogs in Platz. Additionally, there are no uneven edges made of plastic, which may be more convenient and softer, but is barely invisible. The inside is two-toned with metal inlays, giving it a sense of seriousness and representativeness.

The engine starts and stops using the start/stop button if a keychain immobilizer is present and the brake pedal is pressed. Although the glove box is small, it compensates for the folding cup holders on each side panel, door pockets, and center console pockets. Behind the most comfortable way to sit together, the armrests in the middle seat can be folded.


Interior Design

Toyota Belta for sale is an excellent vehicle for providing an exceptional riding experience. The incredible size and capacious cabin make one feel comfortable on even the bumpiest roads. It is offered in three- and five-door liftback configurations, with the configuration surprising for its additional size and utility. The interior clever design maximizes passenger and baggage capacity. Apart from the ample storage, the logically built dashboard layout and instrument cluster contribute significantly to the comfort and practicality of the vehicle.


The Look Outside

This compact economic workhorses aggressive and audacious look enables it to transmit a unique design impression. The car manages to appear pretty impressive and attractive, particularly when configured as a hatchback. Its showy appearance was aided by the European design, rear roof spoilers, and aerodynamic shape. The rather unusual and highly remarkable appearance and feel are achieved by the use of premium materials and innovative, ergonomically built dashes and controls.


Toyota Belta Specifications

Toyota Belta is an exceptional brand and vehicle designed to fulfill its devoted consumer professional and personal demands. The vehicle is designed to accommodate individuals of diverse ages, interests, and experiences. The 2007 model is assessed and determined to have an overall rating of seven on a ten-point scale. The score is calculated as the sum of individual points, such as seven for interior and exterior quality, six for performance, seven for comfort features, five for extra accessories, and five for integrated safety features. The rankings and scores are determined by reputable organizations and are based on critical aspects such as customer feedback and crash test results.


List of Features

Toyota Belta is equipped with an extensive number of features and specifications that provide a pleasant and pleasurable ride throughout the voyage. It seems like a premium-quality workhorse at a fair price.

It is a straightforward workhorse with straightforward functionality, but the 2010 edition incorporates a few noteworthy advancements to meet ever-increasing client requirements. A/C, leather-wrapped steering wheel, keyless entry, MP3 compatibility, and cruise control are just a few of the high-tech and ostentatious amenities. In general, it is an incredibly efficient, massive, and powerful workhorse that incorporates several features for added comfort and simplicity of use.


Engine Specification

Toyota Belta was first offered with a 1.0-liter 1KR-FE straight-three engine, a 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE engine, and a 1.3-liter 2NZ-FE/2SZ-FE engine which were available with an automatic continuously variable gearbox. The newest generation of the Toyota Belta and Toyota Yaris is equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine with a manual or automatic gearbox. Toyota Belta does not have a diesel engine.


Safety Review

Toyota Belta comes equipped with a slew of safety features. All four Toyota Belta or Toyota Yaris models come standard with an array of active and passive safety measures. For example, the current edition has standard airbags, brake assist technology, an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake distribution, ISOFIX child seat installation, and central locking.

The top-of-the-line variations include vehicle stability control, hill-start aid, front and rear parking sensors, as well as automatic headlamps, and a rear camera. Toyota Safety Sense comes standard on the car, featuring lane departure warning, automatic high lights, and a basic pre-collision system.



1. What is the fuel consumption of the Toyota Belta?

Toyota Belta has a fuel economy of 35 miles per gallon.

2. What is the price range of the Toyota Belta?

Toyota Belta is available in excellent condition for a reasonable price ranging from 1500USD to 3000USD. Nonetheless, the cost varies according to the car type, mileage, and condition.

3. What are the standard features of the Toyota Belta?

This vehicle is equipped with standard features such as ABS (anti-lock braking system), air conditioning, UV-cutting glass, power windows, centralized door locking, and steering wheel tilt. Child seat secured with a seat belt, front seat pre-tensioner seat belt, fourth limited front seat belt, rear ELR3 point seat belt, side-impact bar, and airbags for driver and passenger.


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