Toyota Avensis Wagon – Redefine The Style

  1. AVENSIS 2007 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 1,120

  2. AVENSIS 2006 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 3,600

  3. AVENSIS 2007 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 3,230

  4. AVENSIS 2012 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 6,700

  5. AVENSIS 2005 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 6,330

  6. AVENSIS 2008 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 3,310

Toyota Avensis Wagon has been in market since 1997 and has been the revamp version of Carina E. It has been in market with facelifts to adjust according to the changing need of customers. It is known for its size, technology and power edge that comes handy with economy.


Toyota Avensis Wagon Body and Size

In the first generation of Avensis from 1997 to 2003; the 5 door estate/ wagon came with length of 4600mm, width 1710 mm and height of 1500 mm. In second generation, 2003 to 2009 the length became 4715 mm, width 1760 mm and the height 1525 mm.  The third generation 2009 to present brought in length of 4765 mm length, width 1810 mm and height of 1480 mm.


Technology Upgraded

The technology in this toyota wagon was upgraded over the generation that provided quality, excellence, spaciousness, and refined drive on a single platform just like prius wagon. It has the Valvematic technology introduced in Toyota wagon for the first time in ZR engines. This technology brought in fuel efficiency by fuel/ air mixing through valves, lift volume and timing adjustment and much more.  The overall engines available were 1.6 L, 1.8 L, 2.0 L and 2.2 L respectively.


Cut Edge Experience

The overall Avensis Wagon experience is cutting edge with the features like Power Window, Power Steering and Roof Rail for image/experience boost. The safety is at the best with Anti-lock Braking system, Traction Control System and Air Bags that work together to make lives of driver and passenger at ease, even when the situations are not normal. The Sun Roof and diverse color car body brings in exterior aesthetics enhanced to new level with the Alloy Wheels and side mirrors designed in style. Hence an attitude is produced that is synchronized inside and outside.

Are you ready for an aspiration fulfilled drive with this Toyota Avensis wagon?  Even if the budget is low you can buy it as a used car with quality not compromised.




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