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Toyota Corolla, as a successor to the built in 40 years Toyota Auris cars since 2007 available in Germany. It belongs to the compact class and can be compared with the small car Yaris and Avensis mid-size cars. The name of this new car "Auris” derives from the way of the Latin term for Gold (Aurum). This should be indicative of the value of the Auris.

Safety in Series

The new Toyota Auris car has very good safety features - namely standard, which is very beneficial. The Toyota Auris, which is available in diesel as well as petrol, ABS,toyota auris traction control, seat belt offers - and limiter, rear an Isofix child seat attachment, Brake Assist, ESP, airbags and even a whiplash protection! Despite this very long list of safety measures, the Auris its model similar competitors must in this case VW Golf VI and Mercedes Benz A Class beaten because they have yet to offer a bit more. It is worth nothing, however, that the Auris cars in Euro NCAP crash test have received a pretty good review. For passenger safety, there were 5 out of 5 stars. The Auris received 4 of 5 for children occupant protection. And pedestrian protection is rated 3 stars out of 5 possible points.

Acquisition of Toyota Auris

Those who set value on a very secure medium-sized car, which also no longer lies in its development in its infancy, is the choice of a new car Auris spot on. Positive reasons for this are, among other things, that the sale of the Auris a model gets, which is considered as a direct successor to the Corolla and thus all Ausreifungen and development stages were perfected in 40 years and thus hardly quirks are present, as often in other cars as For example, the Renault Megane was the case. About leasing or financing can be the Auris cars conveniently pay. The prices vary depending on current conditions, offers or discounts. In some cases, one can thereby obtain the Auris low even. A configuration may incidentally online on the Internet for more information on Toyota Auris deliver new cars.

The Toyota Auris cars are a good option because of its safety, especially for families. About leasing or finance it is affordable and is neither financially nor driving-wise a burden or challenge. The driving experience in the Auris is relaxing, probably because of the knowledge that with this new car model a lot for the security was done. The Auris combines modern with the classic knowledge of many years of experience and high safety standards, making it one of the best in its class. And who wants to actively support environmental protection: This new car is also a hybrid (part electric cars) Available online.

The Model Range of Toyota Auris

The Auris comes with different trim levels available. These include:
• Life Auris
• Auris Life Plus
• Cool Auris
• Auris Club  
• Auris Executive
• Auris Touring Sports

The Toyota Auris enjoys great popularity as car. It offers compact dimensions, good standard equipment and numerous security features already in the basic version. Whoever wants to be environmentally conscious on the go, can acquire the Auris as a hybrid and so reduce fuel consumption and emission levels significantly! The Auris is a compact city car that is suitable for a combo Touring Sport as a family car.


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