Toyota Allion OR Premio - Which One Is Better?

  1. PREMIO 2009 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,120

  2. ALLION 2017 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 9,160

  3. PREMIO 2004 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 2,220

  4. PREMIO 2015 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 3,710

  5. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,600

  6. PREMIO 2015 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 4,300

  7. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,820

  8. PREMIO 2004 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 3,100

  9. ALLION 2012 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,620

  10. PREMIO 2020 Toyota PREMIO

    Price: USD 16,600

Japanese manufacture has always been one of the most reliable vehicle manufacturing companies around the world. Toyota is one of those vehicle manufacturing companies that provide best quality cars since ages. Toyota Allion and Permio are one of those famous cars from Toyota which are very popular and successful cars in different markets around the world.

Allion Vs Premio

The Toyota Premio was launched as a sedan, traded in the local market as a selected by Japanese regulations along with the engine reactions and exterior proportions. When compared to the Toyota Allion, the Toyota Premio is more luxury as well as stylish car. Allion caters younger and enthusiastically sporty nature consumers and is also very similar to the Toyota Avensis model. Both of the cars were introduced at the same time period.


The Premio detailed with graceful wood trim and silver detail which gives the car a very elegant look and it is classified as the family sedan. Toyota Allion is on the other hand is a sporty and adventurous car tends for younger people. The look and feel of Allion is a lot different than Premio to every extent. Allion is much sporty style where as Premio is more towards a family car.

The Toyota Premio is basically a secondary option to the Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Premio From 2001 - 2006

The Toyota Premio was first released in December 2001 to the Japanese local market and offered in three engine variants including 1.5 liter, 1.8 liter as well as 2.0 liter engines. 2005 came with a slight modification for the Premio which is pretty obvious in the up-to-the-minute brake lights.


Toyota Premio from 2007 to Present

Now it was the second phase of Premio that hit the market in 2007 after a huge success of first phase and it maintains to capture the market for a long time. Now this range of Premio has comparatively the high price range due to change in radiator framework, front bumper and headlamp.

The Toyota Allion on the other hand is a sporty style sedan manufactured by the Toyota in Japan. As it was manufactured to cater the younger generation the appearance of the car is sleek and youthful. The car is wholly traded by Toyota Auto traders in Japan. Allion is also similar with Toyota Avensis.

Toyota Allion from 2001-2007

It was first released on December 2001 and was the substitute of Toyota Carina. The models range from 2001 to 2007 was very refined in appearance. Allion and Premio have almost same interior and engines range. However, the Toyota Allion can be customized with front spoilers as well as rear mounted aerofoils.

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