Toyota Allion - A Potential Alternate Of Toyota Camry

  1. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,490

  2. ALLION 2017 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 9,160

  3. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,800

  4. ALLION 2006 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,640

  5. ALLION 2007 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,350

  6. ALLION 2005 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 2,810

  7. ALLION 2013 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 6,230

  8. ALLION 2012 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,620

  9. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 2,890

  10. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,820

Toyota Allion Overview

Since 2001, Toyota has been manufacturing and marketing Toyota Allion in the International automotive industry. The Japanese regulations engineered the sedan as a compact luxury car with classical exterior dimensions and reliable engine displacement. According to Toyota Allion review, it has more sporty, stylish and youthful nature as compare to Toyota Premio. The name of the vehicle is abstracted from the concept of “All-in-one” and designed as a potential alternate of Toyota Camry. The production of first generation of Toyota Allion, T240, started in 2001 and continued till 2007. While Toyota Allion T260 Was introduced in 2007 with Toyota continuing to offer appearance modifications at local dealerships. The positive reviews about Toyota Allion are received more from the youth buyers due to its sporty design and muscular Toyota Allion specs. Allion is popular in many parts of the world including Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Jamaica and Pakistan

Engine Spec

The body styling of Toyota Allion is composed of  4 door sedan with a layout of front engine, front-wheel drive system and optional front-engine, four-wheel-drive feature. Engineers designed this model by considering the elegant approach that result in finest-styled sedan by Toyota so far. To offer better driving experience and smooth long drive, Toyota Allien fuel consumption feature is  simply great. The car comes with the engines having powertrain by 1.5 L, 1.8 L and 2.0 L with 4-speed automatic transmission. However, the second generation lineup has updated automatic CVT transmission. Engine power of Allion a15 is 109 hp @ 6000 RPM.


Toyota Allion Exterior

The exterior of Toyota Alllion has a look of sporty  attribute with a little touch of sophistication and classiness. On testing, the car has might lacked on the visual and outer aesthetics but it still have some spell that  magically leave the viewer breathless. Apart from sleek metallic body, the side mirror of Toyota Allion is a popular sign with a saccharine touch of modernism. The winker styled mirrors has a bolted in-touch feel. Even Toyota Allion exterior can also be customized with rear mounted trunk wings and front spoilers. In 2004, Toyota integrates the modest restyling by introducing the LED taillights in Allion models.

Toyota Allion Interior

Toyota Allion interior comprises of soft and comfortable seating material with wide passenger seats that can adjust as per the demand. The high mid console has an elegant stubby gear lever, which enables the driver to drive the car in a relaxation mode by sitting back. The rear seat has good space to recline making enough space to make comfortable during long drives. The LCD on the dashboard console offers great information about fuel economy and average speed of the car.

Fuel consumption & Other Features

The system of Four-wheel drive is equipped with 1.8 liter direct-injection engine and the integration of 2.0 liter valvematic engine cut down the emission b 75 per cent – making Toyota Allion as the eco-friendly automobile. According to the Japanese emission criteria, Toyota Allion has better fuel consumption standards and fuel economy than the other relative sporty vehicles. The other remarkable Toyota Allion features include strong handling suspension system, Smart start and entry system, and hard disk navigations system coupled with G-Book mX telematics check. The balanced check system keep the driver aware about off-road pathway and changing lane.


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Allion is approximately 32 mpg.


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