Toyota Allion - The All in One Car


    Price: USD 4,860


    Price: USD 3,600

Toyota Allion replaced Toyota Carina with the production start at the end of the year 2001. It came as a compact sedan as according to regulations of Japan and was basically named after the phrase “all in one” option.  So the vehicle was introduced as a Front engine Front Wheel layout; front engine and four wheel drive was later introduced in 2007 for smooth drive on multiple surfaces. The car is popular in many parts of the world including Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

The vehicle brought in the following fronts best satisfied:

The Experience

The experience is at the best with fine synchronization of everything together. The Toyota Allion weight is balanced with size to make smooth driving on road. The experience is further enhanced by touch of automation through Continuously Variable Transmission that has infinite gear option to support driving between maximum and minimum. The fuel consumption is also optimized, so the experience becomes tension free . The a15, 260 and 240 models lead to enhancing customer experience.

The Aesthetics

For beautifying the Toyota Allion the exterior review shows that the color scheme used for painting body is up to the mark, with options including White, Black, Red, Blue, Beige and Silver to support. The Alloy Wheels add class to the look of this car with indirect support to tires. The Roof Rail provides edge in terms of additional load carriage ease of multiple sizes. The front grille is carved to fine level with the Toyota T visibility optimized. The headlights and taillights are there in angular form to support the lighting experience.

Toyota Allion - Features

The interior is fully loaded with features to make the experience more exciting. The Power Window on one hand provide door glass movement perfection while on the other hand Power Steering works to synchronize steering wheel movement with tires to make maneuvering enhanced. The over steering and under steering can be avoided by Traction Control System with the help of Anti-lock Braking System for preventing brake lock.

The Allion is all in one, the best vehicle as used and brand new model. The price increase with more frill addition, so make sure that optimum features are added that serve your need to the maximum.

Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Allion is almost 37 mpg.


Recommended Models

If you are planning to buy a Japanese used car, latest models of Toyota Allion like 2016 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 & 2012 models are best. However older models like 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 models are good for people who are willing to buy a cost effective cheap car.


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