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Suzuki Swift Limited Edition – Road To Destiny

  1. SWIFT 2018 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 7,682

  2. SWIFT 2006 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: ASK

  3. SWIFT 2016 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 6,471

  4. SWIFT 2017 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 7,807

  5. SWIFT 2013 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 9,336

  6. SWIFT 2016 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 10,884

Suzuki Swift Limited Edition For Sale

Suzuki Swift Limited Edition for sale is a commendable adversary to any semblance of the Kia Rio and Honda Jazz. It is not a vigorous car, yet its forceful valuing makes it an alluring alternative vehicle. Everything looks moderately new, however, consequently the mid-2013 facelift brought minimal in excess of a gently reshaped front guard and new wheel plans. The cabin is durable and has a lot of cubbies. It is the fifth generation in the Swift family tree, and this model has moved away from the minimal effort elective picture of prior models, significantly changing it into a sportier, increasingly alluring trapdoor. It is a style worked around work as opposed to what is frequently an excessively mind boggling approach favored by different makers. It is a complete utilitarian, truly, yet in the best feeling of the word. Fit and finish inside is acceptable, while the materials are vigorous and everything feels in its place. One significant in addition to the Swift scramble is the extraordinary situation of the controls


Key Details

Suzuki Swift Limited Edition for sale is progressively agreeable for those of normal stature, with limited seat development and no arrive at modification for the controlling. For comfort, the Swift is somewhat of a mishmash. Under your rear - in any event a sound posterior - the front seats feel little, scarcely sufficient and a little seat like, looting the driver and front traveler of the body-embracing seats they may have expected when investigating the energetic outside. It incorporates atmosphere control, voyage control, sat nav, DAB radio, programmed lights, and keyless passage and start. The restricted release SZ-L trim includes exclusively a back spoiler and dark compound wheels. It is incorporated with 15-inch composite wheels, keyless entry, atmosphere control, extraordinarily styled Alcantlara inside trim, haze lights, side mirror-mounted pointers, distant collapsing side mirrors. The interior of the Swift inclines to the utilitarian. This is a genuinely direct undertaking, the main genuine visual feature being the a la mode brushed-steel-looking board encompassing the presentation and CD space of the sound system, while a polished dark bended board. The current model uses a more drawn out stage than the vehicle to help traveler space to good levels, despite the fact that the high-lipped boot is off the class pace at only 211 liters.



Suzuki Swift Limited Edition for sale is intake and exhaust in combination with a tidily shifting five-speed manual gearbox. The power output is just 93bhp and 87 lb-ft. The fuel economy also impresses returning of 56.5mpg and emissions of 116g/km of CO2. It accelerates from 0-62mph in just 13.4sec and produces emissions of 126g/km of CO2, pushing it up by one VED bracket. It exhibits extraordinary performance as its sports chassis offer excellent gripping and brilliant body control. The viscous coupling smoothly goes about its business to trim the line up to much higher speeds – a boon both for safety and enjoyment. The ride quality impresses the most both in town and on A-roads, with only some motorway fidgeting a minor problem. The steering is approachable, but while its nimbleness aids urban maneuverability,



Suzuki Swift Limited Edition for sale is a competent and worth a look car. It is a compelling and cost effective choice in such crowded segment. It has better flair and finishes with tempting price tags. All in all, it offers a sporty hatchback like driving experience.

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