Suzuki Swift - The Everyday Sports Mini

  1. SWIFT 2008 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 5,320

  2. SWIFT 2015 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 3,790

  3. SWIFT 2018 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 7,730

  4. SWIFT 2020 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 13,320

  5. SWIFT 2013 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 5,530

  6. SWIFT 2014 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 4,380

  7. SWIFT 2017 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 11,960

  8. SWIFT 2017 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 12,500

  9. SWIFT 2014 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 3,270

  10. SWIFT 2014 Suzuki SWIFT

    Price: USD 5,100

Suzuki Swift for sale has been available in market since the year 2000. Before having a separate identity the nameplate was applied to the Suzuki Cultus in a number of international markets. Swift is available in zxi, vxi, lxi, ldi, gti and glx versions. The real vehicle is available in super-mini body with front engine and front wheel drive option. The body available before the year 2000 included three doors and five door hatchbacks, four door sedan alongside two door convertible.


The First Generation Hatchback

suzuki swiftThe year 2000 brought in Suzuki Swift Hatchback in both three and five doors. The five door vehicle was readily available in regular lineup though three doors were not. The engine included HT51S in 1300 CC and HT81S in 1500 CC. The petrol was the option for two displacement while the 1300 CC diesel option was introduced for better towing capacity.


The year 2003, brought in redesigned bumpers, with higher output version of 1500 CC also there. The year 2005 put an end to the sports version of Swift. The vehicle in this generation was adapted in later years by General Motors, as Chevrolet Cruze by retaining the basic dimension and power plants. The Europe version was improved by Suzuki with a few changes to interior and luggage dimensions.   


The Second Generation Hatchback

The second generation starting from 2004 and was designed as a Concept S alongside Concept S2. It was a low price sporty alternative for those looking for a vehicle that carve its own niche. Its marketing was done with endorsement by Cristiano Ronaldo. In Japan the Used Suzuki Swift of today did double business as what was expected with better engine coming in 1200 CC, 1300 CC, 1500 CC and 1600 XCC in petrol option that worked on better fuel consumption as compare to the 1300 CC diesel option that was a load carriage genius.  The manual transmission vehicle had 5 gear options while the automatic one came as a 4 gear box alternative. One was able to get fresh automation in hand leading to less tiring drive alongside the manual transmission for real time gear shift experience in hand.


The Latest Generation Hatchbacksuzuki swift

The third generation ZC72S, ZC82S and ZC32S were the engines of third generation that is continued toll today. The VVT petrol engine was the new development with eco car program keeping requirement of Thai government in mind. Hence the Suzuki Swift Hatchback adapted itself as according to the new market. The Continuously Variable Transmission is another breakthrough that happened in this generation with style and body optimized to sports car level with lower possible price.  


The 5 door hatchback came as a 1200 CC, 1400 CC and 1600 CC petrol option alongside the 1300 CC diesel option. The manual transmission of this generation had 5 and 6 speed transmission while the automatic one had the 4 gear option to fully support. The 2013 Suzuki Swift for sale had dual jet engine with Eco cool and much more so performance reached premium level.


That is the reason as used and brand new everyday and sports option Suzuki Swift rule hearts.


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of swift is about 38 mpg


Recommended Models

You can easily buy Ranger through any online Japanese auction. Suzuki Swift 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009 are the most recommended models of this car. Buying through online Japanese auction will save you money as well as your time.


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