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Suzuki Splash for sale

  1. SPLASH 2011 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: ASK

  2. SPLASH 2009 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: USD 2,942

  3. SPLASH 2010 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: USD 3,561

  4. SPLASH 2010 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: ASK

  5. SPLASH 2010 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: ASK

  6. SPLASH 2011 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: USD 2,904

  7. SPLASH 2009 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: USD 6,038

  8. SPLASH 2009 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: ASK

  9. SPLASH 2010 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: ASK

  10. SPLASH 2010 Suzuki SPLASH

    Price: USD 3,600

The large doors of the Suzuki Splash for sale facilitate access to riders compartment even for tall people, while the panels, dashboard, and seats are partly colored with “young” hues that brighten the environment. 

The fittings are neat, and the various controls are easily reached (only those of the radio on the steering wheel are a little too close to each other). In the main instrument, the fuel gauge is a bit small, and the “frog s eye” rev counter protruding on the dashboard has graphics that are not always easy to read.


  • Both front and rear are quite comfortable: the front seats are well supported and allow you to stretch your legs even to the tallest stature, and even behind the space abounds in height and length.
  • The trunk opening has a regular shape but is small in size—easy overturning of the sofa, which allows you to create a floor without annoying steps. Unfortunately, the rear seats cannot slide and this penalizes the usability of the boot.
  • You reverse the gear "on a tile", with the Splash, and in city traffic, thanks to the raised driving position, assure a reliable front view. In addition, with the favor of suspensions that defend themselves well even on the bumpy. Outside the inhabited centers, however, it is better to travel quietly, if only to avoid "pulling the neck" to the engine; for quick overtaking, however, it is better to downshift.
  • Four years after its debut, the small-sized Suzuki Splash minivan undergoes an update in the design of the front, enrichment in the color palette with two new colors for the bodywork and novelties also as regards the interior trim. The two colors are Sparkling Blue and Bison Brown, which will characterize the new bodywork, revised in the part of the bonnet with softer lines and a larger central grille with a nice pattern.
  • The optical groups are also updated with multi-reflection headlights and fog lights relocated inside the new front bumper. Inside, innovative upholstery in light gray and black, with a dashboard with more linear shapes and comfortable storage compartments.
  • It is a town that takes care of the point, the Suzuki Splash for sale. With its three and eighty meters in length, it does not leave a certain habitability to chance, which undoubtedly goes from above average height and the possibility of easy access even for the tallest drivers.
  • The only drawback is the impossibility, also typical of other Suzuki, of not being able to orient the steering wheel in-depth, with the consequent risk, during the emergency control of contact between the knee and the steering wheel, obviously for the extra-large drivers.

Suzuki Splash Review

Suzuki Splash for sale is suitable for its riders, unless you need to fold down the seats to increase the load capacity of a trunk that offers a good capacity lower compartment. These numbers imply a certain vigor during acceleration, so much so that Suzuki Splash can be driven with panache even outside the city.

Of course, thanks to its size and manageability, urban use is preferable, also because at high speeds we lose a little bit of road holding, especially on motorway junctions. Nothing to worry about, however, also because onboard comfort passes from suspension calibrated to the soft and the ability to remain stable, while pitching more than expected when we are forced to brake in an emergency.

In this case, the pressure on the brake pedal should not be excessive, while in normal driving phases we will enjoy the good clutch-gearbox coupling: the first is light, the second has only the defect of being a noisy thread, but it must also be emphasized the precision of the grafts. The only value that can annoy you, in the long run, is the hardness of the steering, which makes itself felt at low speeds.

Not bad for this town which perhaps lacks some comforts from the point of view of technological equipment: there are no parking sensors, no keyless entry, as well as the rain sensor, automatic climate control, and above all a prestigious infotainment. Of course, everything is done to give the driver an effective solution that does not involve large outlays, but instead of the simple FM radio with mp3-cd player we would have liked to find at least one USB input.

The only convenience placed in the hands of the driver is instead the ability to change stations and songs (as well as raise-lower the volume) from the left-hand race of the steering wheel. For the rest, the plastics on board do not seem essential, and the sympathy of some solutions of the dashboard, such as the rev counter placed above the dashboard (and therefore not totally visible to the tallest drivers), is liked.

The non-auto air conditioning system is obviously not dual zone but   control to cool and heat as needed with good power. Lacking the start and stop, we will not have problems stopping the compressor, but in the city at traffic lights it is especially often to hear the operation of the fan when the climate is on (and the volume is not very low). However, in Suzuki Splash Review, it is necessary to note, they are all lost in the solidity of a Suzuki Splash for sale that makes its figure in the streets and alleys and stands out for its massive front and muscular rear with abundant mudguards. On the other hand, Suzuki Splash is already a success.


?      Smart styling

?      Lots of space inside

?      Low running costs

?      Beautiful to look at

?      Spacious interiors

?      Low running costs

?      Well equipped

?      Easy to drive


×        Limited

×        Low boot space

×        Noisy interior

×        Shallow boot

×        Auto top spec is a bit pricey


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