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Suzuki Jimny For Sale In Durban – Here Is What You Need To Know

  1. JIMNY 2022 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 22,370

  2. JIMNY 2020 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 23,770

  3. JIMNY 2010 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 9,150

  4. JIMNY 2002 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,320

  5. JIMNY 2012 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 12,960

  6. JIMNY 2000 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 4,960

  7. JIMNY 1996 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,820

  8. JIMNY 2019 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 18,690

  9. JIMNY 2007 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 4,430

  10. JIMNY 2022 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 19,990

Off-roaders like the Suzuki Jimny for sale in Durban are among the most affordable and durable options available right now. It is a workhorse-sized 4x4 crossover SUV in a compact package. It is able to evade obstacles and roadblocks with ease. First debuted in 1997, this car is still in manufacture today. It is smaller, lighter, and chunkier-looking, with a more straightforward internal arrangement and interior space. Aside from luxury-oriented amenities, the vehicle is well-equipped with standard equipment and safety precautions that assure its respectable off-road capability. Despite the SUVs 1.3-liter petrol engines generous performance at highway speeds, it falls short of rivals like the Freeland, Subaru Forester, and Jaguar XJ in terms of quality and refinement.




1. Highly upgradable

2. Retro modern cabin

3. Exceptional safety feature

4. Vintage-vibe exterior




1. Engine lacks power

2. Not spacious for off-roading




Suzuki Jimny, which went on sale in 1977, is a wider, more compact SUV variant of the Jimny. A bigger bumper and wide wings have now enlarged the compact bodywork of the Suzuki Jimny.




As a real 4x4 off-road vehicle, the Suzuki Jimny in Durban appears a little bit tiny and lightweight. Quality materials are used to construct this sturdy and strong utilitarian equipment. It can accommodate four adults in comfort, with enough head and legroom in each seat. It has car-like handling and a strong ride, making it a joy to drive. The focus is squarely on sheer ergonomics when it comes to the inside. It is an excellent utility vehicle since it can carry 360 pounds with four people in it. The controls are arranged logically and are easy to find. Fair visibility is provided by the driver seat, which is positioned well. It also has a decent amount of driving features, which helps it perform well in general.




The fuel-injected four-cylinder engine with a 1.3-liter displacement and a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox is found under the hood. In order to adequately power the drivetrain, it produces 84 horsepower of output power and low-rev torque. It is very agile, accelerating from 0-62mph in 15 seconds with a manual gearbox and 17 seconds with an automatic. When traveling down the highway at 87 mph, the engine is happy to spin. It is low-range gearing substantially enhances its off-road capability. If you are looking for a car from used Suzuki Jimny dealers that is both fun to drive and easy on the eyes, this is a great option. As a result of the four-wheel drive of the vehicle, it has excellent grip and traction in any driving situation. On the whole, it provides superior performance and a smoother ride.




For a car with three doors and four seats, the inside of this model of Suzuki is rather spacious. If you need extra space in the vehicle, you can remove the rear seats and acquire a lot of room in a short amount of time. The trademark of Suzuki Jimny is its soft and comfortable seats, which are both gentle to touch and robust. The luxurious interior of cars is enhanced by its high-quality upholstery. In addition, the wide variety of amenities makes it a relaxing vehicle to drive long distances in.



Body Work

As its attributes imply, the compact Japanese automobile is forgivable when driven off-road. On the contrary, the used Suzuki Jimny lives up to expectation as a capable all-terrain vehicle, even on the most difficult terrains, and demonstrates climbing abilities that are unknown even to the most well-known off-roaders in the world today. For one thing, it is very light and compact, allowing it to go places many of its competitors are unable to.

The most efficient Low range and the all-wheel-drive, all grip PRO system cover the rest. You may test the vehicles off-road capabilities in the woods, negotiating rough passages with ease; its traction enabled us to climb even major barriers relatively easily; as soon as it senses a lack of grip, and check those features boxes where others fail. Suzuki Jimny is a real off-roader and is already popular due to these traits.



Specifications of the engine

Since it is made completely of aluminium, Jimny1.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine offers better fuel economy and acceleration. The Suzuki Jimny is equipped with a four-wheel-drive technology that enables the driver to instantly go from four-wheel drive to two-wheel drive and back again with a single button press. This technology gives Suzuki off-road vehicles a broad range of power. Additionally, you may choose between a five-speed manual gearbox and a four-speed automatic.



Consumption of Fuel       

Suzuki Jimny has an average fuel consumption of 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers, a fairly efficient average for a sporty utility vehicle like Jimny.




1. Is Suzuki Jimny a reliable vehicle?

Due to its many features, the Suzuki Jimny is a dependable vehicle. Even though it may not be ideal for highway driving, it nonetheless provides excellent speed and comfort. The automobile can be driven by anybody, regardless of their level of expertise.



2. Is the Suzuki Jimny a fuel-efficient car?

Suzuki Jimny is indeed a fuel-efficient vehicle since it has only one engine. This automobile is a good choice if you want a vehicle that uses less gasoline no matter what the driving conditions are.



3. Is Suzuki Jimny suitable for off-road vehicles?

The part-time four-wheel drive and low weight of the Jimny Sierra make it an outstanding off-road vehicle. On the road, the 4WD provides excellent handling and comfort.



4. What are the safety features of Suzuki Jimny?

The Suzuki Jimny is equipped with two airbags as well as electronic stability control as standard equipment.



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