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Suzuki Alto Price In Kenya

  1. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,120

  2. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,010

  3. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,190

  4. ALTO 2014 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 900

  5. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,200

  6. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,250

  7. ALTO 2013 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,670

  8. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,140

  9. ALTO 2015 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 2,200

  10. ALTO 2010 Suzuki ALTO

    Price: USD 3,410

With the population of Kenya rising in the last decade and the number of visitors increasing in the East African country, the vehicle industry has seen a massive rise and a growing mandate. For that reason, the necessity in the East African nation to shuttle humans and goods across the country is on the rise.

Although Kenya plans to manufacture its own automotive, it designed and manufactured the first vehicle, named the Nyayo Car, in the 1980s. In addition, Kenya dug into the vehicle industry with Mobius Motors, an East African vehicle re-assembler, in 2010. Furthermore, KIBO Africa Limited has been designing and manufacturing motorcycles from the local manufacturer.

In 2018, Suzuki and Toyota, two of the largest automotive manufacturer across the globe, shared an agreement where Toyota Kenya would sell the Suzuki cars. Although, as a result, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota Kenya is using the compact cars designed and manufactured by Suzuki to fill a significant gap in its negligible offerings.

Did you know that Corolla is the bottom-most vehicle in the lineup of Toyota Kenya? This is why Toyota shared an agreement with Suzuki, and now both the companies borrow cars to operate in the East African country Kenya. The Suzuki compact and subcompact vehicles being sold through the Toyota Kenya network are:



1. Suzuki Alto CC 800

2. Suzuki Vitara

3. Suzuki Gypsy

4. Suzuki Omni Cargo

5. Suzuki Swift

6. Suzuki Ertiga

7. Suzuki Jimny

8. Suzuki Ciaz



Suzuki Alto Overview

The Suzuki Alto is designed and manufactured by multinational Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corporation, which specializes in designing and manufacturing all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, wheelchairs, outboard marine engines, and other small internal combustion engines.

Suzuki Alto, also known as Suzuki Aruto and Mitsubishi Maruti Alto, is a Kei Japanese vehicle manufactured by Suzuki since 1979. Currently, it is in its ninth generation; Suzuki Alto 800 was initially manufactured in 1979 and since then has been sold in several countries across the globe.

The Suzuki Alto was initiated as a viable car derived from the Fronte with lesser Suzuki Alto fuel consumption. Still, the Suzuki Alto gained fame over time and replaced the Fronte name entirely by 1988. Furthermore, the Suzuki Alto symbol has frequently been utilized in several Japanese cars. However, in export markets, it is reflected as a city car.

In addition, Suzuki Alto is categorized into nine different generations concerning design, engine, and safety performance:

1. First Generation – 1979 to 1983

2. Second Generation – 1984 to 1987

3. Third Generation – 1988 to 1993

4. Fourth Generation – 1994 to 1997

5. Fifth Generation – 1998 to 2003

6. Sixth Generation – 2004 to 2008

7. Seventh Generation – 2009 to 2013

8. Eighth Generation – 2014 to 2020

9. Ninth Generation – 2021 to Present



Six Reasons to Buy Suzuki Alto

Several passenger cars have left a permanent mark on the automotive market across the globe, but Suzuki Alto is special. Despite the modern era traditional style, Suzuki Alto popularity has not decreased in over two decades. First, let us look at the top six reasons to buy Suzuki Alto:



1.     Extremely Reasonable

If truth be told, the word extreme is not an amplification. On the contrary, the intelligent pricing strategy of Suzuki Alto has demonstrated that the Suzuki brand knows the beat of middle-class customers.

Devoid of being satisfied, the automaker has always struggled to enhance the vehicle with each new generation. That is why the Suzuki Alto price in Kenya is highly reasonable and comes as a convenient choice.



2.     Low Maintenance Cost

Maintaining and up keeping low priced vehicles does not come substantial on pockets, and Suzuki Alto 800 is no exclusion. The estimated maintenance of Suzuki Alto lies anywhere around INR 700 to 900 USD, bringing smiles to budget buyers faces. Along with Suzuki Alto price in Kenya being reasonable, the maintenance cost is also less.



3.     Suzuki Alto Fuel Consumption

Fuel prices have seen an immense surge in the last few years and are constantly increasing with time. Therefore, the Suzuki Alto fuel consumption is one of the unique selling points (USPs) and directly connects with its reputation.

With a claimed Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) fuel economy of more than 22 kilometers per liter, the possessor will never get disappointed with this vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency. However, if that is not enough to satisfy mileage-hungry individuals, a CNG trim is also proficient enough to deliver more than 32 kilometers per kilogram.



4.     Compact Dimensions

The Suzuki Alto is a distinctive small vehicle that can navigate you easily in every corner and cranny of the town. Moreover, the density helps drift over slow-moving road traffic and tight car park spaces. This is because the car is not elevated, resulting in less body movement.



5.     Reliable Engine

One of the significant strengths of the success of suzuki across the globe is the reliability of the engine that rightfully matches gear ratios and the driving circumstances and customer likings.

Moreover, Suzuki Alto is driven by a three-cylinder 800 CC BS6 engine that produces 40.3 brake horsepower and 60 newton-meters (Nm) of maximum torque with a five-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, the engine may feel insufficiently powered for some but relatively decent for everyday driving.



6.     Brand Convenience & Availability

Suzuki has a range its factions at every corner of the globe. However, the footsteps are enhancing at an overwhelming rate, with Suzuki directing to touch soon the mark of service centers in more than 30 countries across the globe.


Specifications Of Suzuki Alto

A huge population in in the East African country Kenya contemplate Suzuki manufactured and designed Alto as one of the most affordably priced cars compared to the other trims of the cars in the industry. Besides, this car has numerous tranquil features that can content serious customers.

Additionally, Suzuki Alto owns an exclusive class, with a reasonable price tag and varied correspondences.



Specifications at a Glance:

1. Fuel Type - Petrol

2. Max Power (Bhp@rpm) - 36Bhp @ 6000rpm

3. Engine Displacement - 800 Cc

4. Transmission Type – Five Speed Manual Transmission

5. Number Of Cylinders – Three

6. Max Torque (Nm@rpm) – 60Nm @ 3500rpm

7. Body Type – Hatchback

8. Seating Capacity – 04

9. Fuel Tank Capacity - 60 Liters

10. Wheel Covers

11. Power Windows Front

12. Air Conditioner

13. Power Steering

14. Anti Lock Braking System

15. Driver Airbag

16. Passenger Airbag

17. Dual Tone Dashboard

18. Fabric Upholstery

19. Digital Clock

20. Glove Compartment

21. Halogen Headlamps

22. Tubeless Tyres



Suzuki Alto Price In Kenya

Suzuki Alto price in Kenya depends on the model and the trim you choose to purchase. It comes in a four-seater compact vehicle and was originally launched in the Kenyan vehicle industry in 2015.

Furthermore, the Suzuki Alto price in Kenya vastly rely on the trim you choose and the alterations and extra features you want. Still, the general price starts from KES 923,857.20 (7,686 USD) and can go up to KES 1,472,570.20 (12,251 USD).



The Final Word

The inclusive scrutiny above can offer you a thorough review and can bid you an enhanced awareness of the Suzuki Alto price in Kenya. The Suzuki Alto symbol has frequently been utilized in several Japanese cars. However, in export markets, it is reflected as a city car.

Furthermore, despite the modern era traditional style, Suzuki Alto popularity has not decreased in over two decades. Moreover, it comes in a four-seater compact vehicle and was originally launched in the Kenyan vehicle industry in 2015 and is the best car for your family needs.


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