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Suzuki Aerio - One Of The Gorgeous Cars Of This Decade

  1. EK WAGON 2002 Suzuki EK WAGON

    Price: USD 752

  2. MIRA 2005 Suzuki MIRA

    Price: USD 800

  3. MOVE 2005 Suzuki MOVE

    Price: USD 838

  4. ESSE 2010 Suzuki ESSE

    Price: USD 752

  5. MOVE 2007 Suzuki MOVE

    Price: USD 752

  6. MIRA 2007 Suzuki MIRA

    Price: USD 752

  7. MR WAGON 2006 Suzuki MR WAGON

    Price: USD 828

  8. DEMIO 2007 Suzuki DEMIO

    Price: USD 609

  9. LIFE 2004 Suzuki LIFE

    Price: USD 800


    Price: USD 800

Suzuki has released its new model car - Suzuki Aerio Wagon (in a body "minivan") in 2001. The front of the car is like something has been repeatedly seen. But, what is the rear view! Cars- "MPV", as a rule, identical in appearance, but this car suggest that in fact this is not a rule. It is not meeting it directly, in the general stream it merges with machines such as the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla Runx. Although in reality it is above 1550 mm and more the space inside. This car has to resonate with those who have already possessing a minivan, just in case decide to buy something else of the sort.

Convenient To Control The Drivers Seat

Open the door, sit down on a chair, and close the door every day, a lot of times we to repeat the procedure. But this car is, oddly enough, can be fun. High chair is SUZUKI AERIOconvenient for landing. Convenient doors handles. Immediately there is the impression that communication with this car will bring joy. Take a test drive and you will immediately understand that premonitions will not deceive you. Steering wheel of this car has large diameter, thick in places of contact with hands, agile.

Suzuki Aerio - Rear Seating

Rear seating is very spacious. Just sit down and relax. In a modification of class X in the armrests provide even drink holder that attaches to the car feeling high comfort. However, it should only fold the rear seat - and now the car is full of space for luggage. Moreover, the rear seats adjustable, then, even to a certain extent, and it is possible to combine the cargo space and comfortable seating in the rear passenger seat.

The car Suzuki Aerio is a new engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters. On the move does not raise any problems. C D mode switches to 2nd gear, bypassing third. This is clearly seen. For those who are used on slopes downshift and slow down the engine, it may be convenient. The car has a raised center of gravity. Therefore, the suspension is made a bit harsh, to avoid rocking. This is true, but on the city streets with its small distances shaking and it does not happen. And so, I think this car would be safe.

Exterior and Interior

The attractiveness of the interior of the new Aerio is significant. The main project of the body and the frame, of course, remains the same, but on the other hand, put it hands on all the other fundamentals. Particularly, the engine compartment bulkhead received a single soft seal and belongs to the upper class, even when compared to the Toyota Corolla, Mazda Demio, Nissan Bluebird Sylphy as well as many other competitors. Additionally, swap block "audio equipment

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