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Subaru Legacy Outback - The Big Size Station Wagon

  1. LEGACY 2014 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 8,110

  2. LEGACY 1994 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 6,320

  3. LEGACY 1996 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 12,660

  4. LEGACY 2009 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 3,660

  5. LEGACY 1996 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 12,180

  6. LEGACY 2009 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 3,570

  7. LEGACY 2014 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 13,610

  8. LEGACY 1998 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 8,320

  9. LEGACY 1995 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 5,790

  10. LEGACY 2014 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 3,060

The Subaru Legacy Outback Station Wagon, has been in market since long satisfying the need as an off road vehicle. Whether you talk about interior, styling, performance, safety or the brand value; the car has a unique holding in markets and available for sale in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya and Uganda.


The vehicle is best for desert or mountain traveling, as the strong engine with catchy features makes used Subaru Outback the best car money can buy. The vehicle bridges the gap between crossover and wagon coming with enough space to store anything from luggage to comfortable seating, though this had given a bit more space requirement for Subaru Legacy Outback.



subaru legacy outbackThe interior of the car has Power Windows that support the smooth transition up and down, making the window move with least force exertion. The Power Steering in tilt position, facilitate the fast possible turn with quiet efficiency, with enough space for the leg and head to rest with comfort.


The Navigation and TV provide infotainment with optimization on single screen. The Navigation tells about the complete map of the vicinity with access to the nearest Petrol Pump, Shopping Mall, Hotel and Police Station on just a single click.



The Leather Seats with temperature control gives Subaru Outback Station Wagon a cozy yet stylish look. The Wooden Panel in premium addition further enhances the styling factor to the best. Though the general features with Trim Level further enhance the interior and exterior styling for good. The exterior has Alloy Wheel to add durability with flashy design, the front and rear light illuminate Subaru Legacy Outback, with Fog light further adding value. The interior scheme of Beige and Black gives a look and feel that is hard to resist. The exterior can be of general color like silver, white and black; while the rare colors of blue, green and yellow further gives vehicle a new class.


Safetysubaru legacy outback

The safety features include anti-lock braking system and traction control to provide protection against slip on road with complete grip on rough and wet surface. The seat belts with better handling and Tensioner gives used Subaru Outback a jerk free experience, with further shield of air bags to protect the driver and passengers. The nylon yarn helps collision damage reduction for good.


Subaru Outback though had size increase, but also brought in features enhancement with technology up gradation for betterment. Hence it is the best off road one could ask for.


Recommended Models

Subaru Outback 2015, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007 & 2006 are the most recommended models of this car.



Subaru Legacy Outback is available within price range of 2000 USD to 7500 USD depending upon condition, model  and mileage.

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