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Subaru Impreza for sale in Jamaica

  1. IMPREZA 2010 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 1,360

  2. IMPREZA 2007 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 1,400

  3. IMPREZA 2007 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 1,970

  4. IMPREZA 2008 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 1,370

  5. IMPREZA 2010 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 2,000

  6. IMPREZA 2004 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 8,150

  7. IMPREZA 2010 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 2,010

  8. IMPREZA 2010 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 1,560

  9. IMPREZA 2007 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 1,530

  10. IMPREZA 2004 Subaru IMPREZA

    Price: USD 7,600

Jamaica, one of the largest islands in the Caribbean Sea, is a vacation spot that gets millions of tourists yearly. With a population of more than 2.961 million, Jamaica automobile industry is gradually shifting to a service-oriented prototype, widely converging on customer involvement and experience.

Moreover, after being hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, the automobile market saw a rise of 9.2% in 2021. However, Toyota lost 1.3% market share in Jamaica, followed by Kia and Volkswagen, which lost 0.1% and 0.6% market shares, respectively.

Jamaica draws tourists from all over the world. Additionally, better economic conditions and increased income rates make Jamaicans more likely to buy brand-imported Japanese used cars than ever.

Some of the models of automobiles produced in Japan are notable for their high-performance levels, dependability, durability, and fuel efficiency. As a result, Jamaica, a country in the Caribbean, receives an increasing number of used Japanese cars every year.

Despite these drawbacks, the Subaru Impreza for sale in Jamaica is the best option for several situations, as you do not have to give up luxury features. Both models offer Sport, Premium, and Impreza Trims.



Subaru Impreza Engine & Performance

Subaru Impreza for sale in Jamaica possesses a four-cylinder engine that yields 152 horsepower and 196.5 Newton-Meter. Undoubtedly, an all-wheel drive vehicle is required, while sedans and hatchbacks require a lot of encouragement to keep the engine where it needs to be, producing power because of their feeble low-end punch.

Although the CVT in our long-term Sport hatch was slower than the five-speed manual in the Impreza Sport sedan, you really preferred the automatic due to the manual discomfort and inaccuracy. The Subaru Impreza achieves an idyllic balance between handling and ride.

The small car gives off a sense of life due to its quick handling and absence of body lean when turning. So, consider the Impreza Sport to be among the best in its class thanks to its somewhat stiff brake pedal and short stopping distance in emergencies.

It is wonderful to smash out of tight corners while driving, especially on a curvy route with lots of quick twists, especially in second gear. With a prod of the electronic throttle, the WRX will accelerate strongly out of even moderately tight curves in third gear.

There is enough acceleration in fourth gear to make a move down to third gear unnecessary in moderate corners. Furthermore, the steering is lightweight and perfect, and the turn-in to corners is swift and liquefied.



Fuel Efficiency & MPG

Any Impreza with a CVT will give you good gas mileage. However, if you select the manual transmission, you will visit the gas station more frequently. On the highway, you may estimate fuel efficiency with a freeway mileage of 36 mpg and city mileage of 28 mpg with a hatchback and manual transmission.

The most fuel-effic

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