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Ssangyong Tivoli 1.6-A Rugged Off-Roader

  1. TIVOLI 2017 Ssangyong TIVOLI

    Price: USD 18,300

  2. TIVOLI 2018 Ssangyong TIVOLI

    Price: USD 18,470

  3. TIVOLI 2016 Ssangyong TIVOLI

    Price: USD 14,810

Ssangyong Tivoli 1.6 for sale is a promising low-budget car, manufactured by Chinese automotive brand Ssangyong. It is highly capable, sophisticated and desirable model, beating the likes of Nissan Juke and Citroen C4 Cactus. This is a four-wheel drive car, coming with impressive styling and generous equipments that attract buyers than more established competition. It is spacious inside and feels more comfortable. It offers the mix of space, value and safety kit. It is a good value car, and has been a proven choice in the lineup. This is tough and capable car which has enjoyed good reputation in the used market place. Moreover, it is the solid choice for those who seek a compact car along with proper SUV features.


Specs Details

Ssangyong Tivoli 1.6 for sale is an incredible compact crossover that comes with simple and straightforward design. It is highly reputed for ruggedness and durability, based on modern-car platform. This vehicle reflects an exclusive look and feel of an off-roader. However, it is compact from outside, but it is still spacious and truly comfortable inside. There is accommodation for five passengers within two rows seating arrangement. The doors open wide that allows easier egress and ingress. Inside, it feels comfy and supportive just like a practical hatchback. There is an elevated driving position that shows clear visibility all around. Storage space is plentiful inside the cabin, integrated with deep pockets in the doors and centre console. It has boot space of 423-liter, which is respectable for this class. In terms of build quality, it outclasses all other competitors with a good margin. This crossover is available in different trims which include entry-level SE, mid-spec EX and range-topping ELX. All models are extensively equipped with standard features such as air-conditioning, alloy wheels, Bluetooth and cruise control. Moreover, it is an upscale choice in the market, regarded for its strong practicality and good-level comfort.



Ssangyong Tivoli 1.6 for sale is available in 2WD and 4WD layout, aided by 1.6-liter petrol or diesel engine. The power plant is mated to six-speed manual gearbox as standard, providing smoother transmission to the wheels. 1.6-liter petrol unit is naturally aspirated that churns out net power of 124bhp, accelerating from 0-62mph in just 12 seconds. However, the diesel variant is better option if you want to drive in a relaxed manner. Both engines are efficient to run, returning an economical figure on motorways. This car handles well and drives smoothly on the open roads. It maneuvers sharply through corners, generating good-level traction as you drive out of bends. It also has one of the tightest turning circles in this class, offering great flexibility and smoothness. Moreover, this car ensures pretty pleasure driving experience on long trips.



In best-used condition, you can buy Ssangyong Tivoli 1.6 for sale at affordable price, ranging from 15000USD to 20,000USD. Hence the price depends upon model, condition and mileage of the car.

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